Aaaaaaaye, Bytch ;)

80s baby. Practicing Poet.
Potter (and pot) Head.
I’m a wildling from across the wall. Syke…

I’m AstreauxBytch (b.k.a. kOri Woo, a.k.a. Taylor🙄), a poet, tarot reader and intuitive astrologer is the place where I share my learning experiences, spiritual studies, and healing journey with others in the interest of mutual understanding, healing, and collective evolution. I post general info on Tarot and Astrology and how they connect to our personal and collective spiritual and healing journeys. This includes General Monthlyreadings, weekly tarot and humorous commentary on the zodiac via my IG:AstreauxBytch

If you are interested in a collaboration or have questions & concerns regarding myself and/or this site, please contact me by email I will also answer any questions re: my general readings by email/comment. I also award free random readings to those who like, follow, and leave detailed comments on blog and Instagram posts or youtube videos. Thank you for reciprocating my energy!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. I love you, you are the greatest!
    My teacher says you are so accurate.


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