3/9/15: 100 Words (pt. 1)

Use these 10 words (or their variations) in a poem of 100 words: eyesome, kickshaw, hum, succorance, dalles,, oily, languid, suffuse, baleful, curve,

My soul is still eyesome,
though solitary; it’s mask, an oily collection
of misleading expressions and mismatched genetics.
Mind be a ceaseless succorant, humming
like the ancient motor under daddy’s favorite car
or the rhythmically broken static
as a scratched record spins it’s strange tune: lucid
dreaming. Suffuse thoughts,
limitless subconscious
they tease one another, lapping
timidly, a line and parabola.
Visage is measly, simply kickshaw
belying my tongue as it curves
around half-story, hurt feelings,
undeserving lover’s languid strokes
and baleful blows
in tandem. Wild
like dalles of the Mississippi,
its tempting danger sings in waves
Wise, harmonious Ololodi.

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