Poetries, Podcasting, & Politikin

What it do, kinfolk?  I’ve been gradually reworking some plans and personal goals and using my creativity in different ways (i.e., outside the realm of writing) and had an idea for a regular podcast and I’m excited because it’s slowly, but surely coming together.  I don’t want to give all the details because I’d like for people to be at least somewhat surprised as to the content, but im wild wierd and usually wired and manner of speaking is no different.

So my friend, Kendrick (b.k.a. STPK / StreetPolitik) is slowly but surely building his brand and is currently playing with podcasting which I’ll also eventually be participating in (currently in the creation process).  Below is a sample playlist of what kind of media you’ll hear aside from readings of other creative works, interviews, and random conversations that promise to provoke 🙂  Take a listen and let me know what you think.


STPK is a well established poet with a few chapbooks and you can learn more about him or download some of his written work here!  Check it out. I’m excited to see what we end up with as we’re still in the brainstorming/organizing phase.  Hope you’ll join us for some Backwoods and bullshittin 🙂

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