S.o.c. 5/16/15

“Its okay to be your own focus.” I say to myself during each moment of divine clarity that pass so swiftly im reminded acutely of cowardice in past time regarding all markers of personal progression. Ive made a vow to dwell there no other reason than to learn. Thus I digress.  Let me not revel in befores with my hopes mounted, but with each epiphany that moves to fill the space the moments leave behind. This is the lesson of my soul: Authentic presence is the true virtue. 

Sitting along a park bench, shoulders a warm war, catching rays from a freckle at galaxy center, trying to shine for us forever. Even it will end, that message from the universe on the relative nature of time.  Human habit is always a rush, though; our civilized gasoline dream shortening the life expectancy of the sun… Or is it us?  Are we a suicidal species, pridefully self-destructing under the guise of evolving, make believing, tearing asunder the myth of a thinking mind’s superiority? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

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