Freewrite 1/18/14

Want weighs so heavy on the back of my pride that it bends in circles, spiraling down my consciousness until it ends and mind can no longer distinguish between the truth of me and imaginings of you.  Sincerely Ingenious Neurosis I’ve sowed and reaped in the barren field of habitual connections and uncertain loyalties.  Ribs crack on impact as gross misconceptions make their way to the center of ventricles leaving me too weak engage the fairness of love and of war.

I am aware and yet my words have confused my care and curiosity. Even the most meticulous expression has been rendered irrelevant to the lens through which you see. We have managed to subliminally devour all semblances of authenticity; greedily imbibing on unspoken sentiment, decadent fear, and the obsolete opinions of others, continually refusing to completely conceal both disgust and desire… or act directly on either.  So, I release expectation.

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