Freewrite 1/6/14

freewrite 1/6/14 4:45 pm

Heart hurts go far deeper than denial,
they are bone, soul, and REM sleep deep,
dipping into my daydreams
and dense too,
I am thick so I hold them even farther inside,
Hips so wide you can’t see the weight of wait
without work. Contractions without labor
become poems without paper.
Thick thighed, thick mind,
near thirty, third eye re-calcified?
Guess I wouldn’t even know,
maybe never but nothing lasts
not even blind sight right?
I write Helen Keller lover letters.
Don’t feel me though.
Soldier sister’s shoulders
born strong, solid, and steady. Hurt hearts
are heavy,
So, she heeds the humility afforded by hindrance.
understands self now
sees need to stay mind over matter,
ever more
than ready

to move.
and through it all


and so she does.

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