We are lying here like virgins,

who will close the distance between us?
Everything we say is small talk when you think what we’ll be doing after words…

My lips have made their way to yours
and we are siphoning your secrets with acute hunger
our tongues fail to resist
the urge to caress sweeping along each other;
wet and eager to please.
your mouth is only a sample.

My hands are bold to acquaint themselves with the likes of you,
ecstatic to become familiar with that smooth skin,
my nails will sign it soon enough,
my palms will warm it,
knuckles kneading deeply all the night.

You are entering me and the sound
that escapes me
is neither familiar nor unwanted.
I am wonton, screaming
and staring, squeezing and
releasing with your hands
on my hips and my center swirling
around yours,
and just as the panting begins,
our eyes meet and I know
I am in the right place.

Your bottom lip
has forced itself between your teeth
and you have touched a place so deep in me,
I have lost my breath.
My eyes are furrowed and I want nothing more
than to stop squirming but deeper and deeper
you go and finally I am
gasping and dripping,
and gripping,
and you
are stroking and growling and holding me as we float
and you know…
you are in the right place.

And we are lying like virgins
talking again
to fill the space
where contentment has settled in too,
and who can come between us?
Everything we say is magnified by its own truth and our heat.

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