Mars Conjunct Neptune (Sister)

Are you having fun yet?

1.05 degrees:

The person is psychically animated. She lives an ethereal, rather than physical, existence. She is blatantly clairvoyant and telepathic, though in many cases the person is unaware of any special talent since her abilities are so naturally ingrained. The person is idealistic, romantic and undiscriminating. She is impractical, unrealistic and has a difficult time in the world of humankind, due to her dreamy nature and altered perception of reality. The person is psychologically confused and restless in her soul. Her longing for fulfillment is insatiable, and she is forever chasing happiness in the outer world (where, of course, it remains elusive). Her imagination is too active and she is open to realms of existence closed to the average mortal.

The person is motivated by subconscious forces. She is powerfully afflicted by moods, feelings and psychic impressions. She lives life by instinct and emotions. She is far too impulsive…

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