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AETERNALIGHT ASTROLOGY: An Honest Analysis on Kori’s Saturn Return

With Saturn conjunct your Ascendant from your first house side, you have turned yourself into a human fortress, building your walls brick after brick, quite possibly guided by some form of conditioning that shaped your perspective (Sagittarius). And even though there’s nothing wrong with boundaries (Saturn), you got to a point where you made yours insurmountable; anything, if taken to the extreme, can become detrimental, and the first Saturn return is typically the window when such self-defeating patterns can be investigated and cleared out. If you put all of these pieces together, the big picture (a Sagittarian specialty) provides the answer: you start on your journey towards conscious personal transformation by releasing the crystallized tension and stored feelings held in your physical memory (think bodywork, massage, holistic therapies), reviewing your own perspective and beliefs about yourself, and ultimately write a new storyline from scratch. Do you view your body as a prison? A burden? What conditioned you to build walls around you? Do you want to stay stuck with a perspective that hinders your progress? Is your fear more important than your need to form authentic, open bonds based on trust? Do you want to let the lack of exposure to true intimacy experienced in the past, dictate your future? Read more @

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    Thank you, Kori!♥

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