Some time(s)

Sometimes, in life something happens to us, or around us, or we act in a way that brings results that change not only the way we see but how we go about looking and being seen by the world.  Relationships teach us, events awaken us, words penetrate us. Suddenly, we are unfamiliar to ourselves. There’s a spotlight shining on our ego, disturbing the often slumbering souls they feed from. The cause may be pleasure or pain, past or present, witnessed or verbalized, but the alteration to self is undeniable, unmistakable, and irreversible. 

There is no return to old self. Time is always right now. The only options are death by stagnation or growth by learned lesson. So we must focus forward, and move there because “some times” will always come again. 

The more challenges we encounter and overcome, the greater our potential for growth and abundance. Let’s grow into truer selves. 

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