Clarity Bleeding Through

I’m accepting the facts now about myself that I’ve uncovered for good and for bad. Responsibility for self is withing my power and potential and is the primary obstacle in pursuit of what I know is my purpose.  Limiting the self allows one to go beyond limits externally. This is how discipline lends itself to freedom.

My Saturn Return (a period of maturity/transition) is occurring in the 1st house of my natal chart.  Saturn represents discipline and the return of it to its natal degree is a chance to see where you’ve come up short with regards to discipline and where you’ve excelled.  This is the transition from the child to adult. The issues that arise during this period are directly related to correct, consistent effort. The rewards/benefits to this period are if you’ve done right, you’ll be rewarded according to your effort. It also means if you didn’t think effort was necessary, you may have a rough couple of years.

This means discipline in verbal exchanges, personal appearance, personal responsibility and also relationships. (Although this house is self-presentation, it’s opposite the7th  house of long-term partnerships and so that house is affected also by transits here.)  My experience with personal authenticity, accountability, and the level to which I have invested energy or neglected to invest is coming to light and under focused review.  Self-belief and the connection between that, self confidence, self love, and power to manifest are themes that play out repeatedly in relationships, in work, socially, w/regard to familial connections.  My lack of confidence has determined or limited the depth to which I can exchange energy with everyone I’ve come in contact with.  Shouldn’t I learn to foster some deliberate control over my own self perception?

The superficiality I’ve contributed to in relationships has come up as a likely issue as I am now seeking depth and intensity and realizing I haven’t added anything to my relationships that would foster such a dynamic.  Much of this lack of depth is a direct result of trust broken in early childhood and the wall that grew up as a result of that  (Click here to read ZodiacPoetry’s short analysis on Saturn’s role in my natal chart)
However, the child within me now is in desperate need of rebirth, reconsideration, and new nurturing and her new mother… is me.



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