Very Necessary Reminders

I am “crawling up the walls inside” again.  There’s a sense of restlessness that comes and goes in waves.  I keep thinking to myself “There’s something I need to do, I think, but what?” Even as I began writing about it, I had an epiphany.  This is the urge to initiate.  So many plans made, so many ideas, goals, feelings and insights, shouldn’t I be DOING something?  Yes. That’s exactly what’s needed. Dedicated action.  The universe is opening it mouth to tell me “Act like you want what you say you do and you may just receive it.”

Jupiter going direct in Libra has me deeply aware of the need to surround myself with like-minded people. Those who share your values, see and appreciate your depth and individuality, and want to reciprocate. When I say reciprocate what I mean is someone who considers who you are as a person when they are offering advice, opinions, or assistance.  There are people who give you what they think you need or what they would want in your situation were they you, without considering that your actual needs may differ and your values may determine that what they give is irrelevant.

Saturn in Sag (my return) with all the aspects it is making, alone with Mars in Cancer has me feeling wild and oddly sedate at the same time.  The full moon definitely brought optimism and a need for newness back into the picture. Saturn is tempering it by making clear that all new is not needed. Sometimes just letting go of what you’ve outgrown is all that’s needed to refresh your outlook.  Fearing the unknown keeps you stuck.   Don’t be afraid to go toward what feeds you and away from what starves with enthusiasm, not guilt.

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