Cancer Season Full Moon 2017 Montly Tarot

The New Moon in Cancer and the stellium of personal planets there (Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Mars) had us traveling involuntarily into the realm of the unconscious, our hidden emotions, & our most acute sensitivities.  Those of us who set intentions during that time will now have to contest with the energy of a full moon in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn, in addition to the already high planetary focus on our most tender spots as we look to manifest those ideas/inspirations/emotional healing.

The moon moves into the 2nd decan and 17º of Capricorn on July 9th, highlighting issues surrounding boundaries and responsibilities.  Boundaries are what keep us safe, but they also create the illusion of duality, which can sometimes be huge gray area for some.  That between masculine and feminine, mine/yours/ours, responsibility and selfish indulgence, limitation and expansion, to let go or to hold on.  We are now in a position, indeed we are being forced, to take responsibility for the boundaries with set with others, with ourselves, and with our environments.  Moreover, we are choosing new boundaries based on our feelings.  Those overwhelming emotions we can no longer turn blind eye to (represented by the full moon), those we have ignored, denied, or been long ashamed of (Capricorn) are now rising to the surface. A full moon is one being completely illuminated by the sun, after all.

Our feelings are being expressed with some force since we have Mars and Mercury in the mix and Capricorn is no punk either. We are drawing our line in the sand (in true Cancerian crab fashion) according to our inner truth, our sense of responsibility to the self, and our need for nurturing from ourselves so that we may also nurture others. This is energy is part of a Cardinal Cross (with the moon and its opposing planets square to Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries respectively)  this energy is strong and we can get swept away in it or we can use it to initiate true and lasting change in ourselves and our relationships.

What can we do with all this heavy emotional and watery energy being moved along by earthy Capricorn’s need for a sense of control?  We can release what no longer feels right for us an act of responsibility to the self, opening us  to more fulfilling and lasting emotional experience.  This also puts us in a position to offer ourselves fully to those people to whom we have made a commitment (Capricorn) or those with whom we share emotional connection (Cancer). Resisting the urge to control our emotions and expression or those of others, to linger in codependency, toxicity, or manipulation is vital.

Let the words that speak to your emotions come, but be careful that you do not alienate others by expecting them to feel the same way you do.  Listen as well as you speak, as everybody is being moved along by this same emotional wave.  Be even more vigilant that you accept the need to let go of what no longer serves you, be it pain over the past that keeps you from deeply sharing and joining with others, codependent behavior, relationships that do not nurture, or self-sabotage.

Let this wave wash rather than drown you.


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