Tarot Profile: 8 of Pentacles

We are handling the details, getting down to the business of rebuilding our emotional selves. (This energy is exacerbated on 7/8and 7/9 with the Full Moon in Capricorn opposing a stellium in Cancer.) We must prepare to take control of and responsibility for our sense of stability within and without.  We are learning that in order to be responsible for others, we must gain mastery over comforting ourselves and creating comfortable lifestyles for ourselves. This is not the time for laziness, frivolity or inconsistency.  Investing consistent effort and focus and maintaining patience with the processes is how we grow spiritually and financially and also how we learn a new skill.

The 8 of Pentacles in the beginning of the week asks us to ground ourselves  and take responsibility for what we get out of the world by putting steady effort into improving our skills in every area of life.  We must deliberately learn new ways of managing and expressing emotions, finances, and personal growth. Also, this is a call to evaluate how consistent we are in pursuit of our goals.  Lethargy in any area of our life shows a place where we have become complacent.  There are things we do out of obligation rather than love, things we deny ourselves for the same reason. We must put work into the lives we truly want. This card is a reminder that persistence pays.

Key Words: Apprenticeship, Consistency, Effort, Mastery,

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