Tarot Profile: King of Swords

The King of Swords asks us to speak clearly and honestly.  To take focused action toward our highest goals.  To maintain proper levels of objectivity, balancing the logic and emotional sides of the human experience. We are compelled to be honest with ourselves and others about what we want and need and to take action that supports us.  The swords often refer to signs of the air element: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius. Whether male or female, to embody this energy means to see and speak clearly and to act with focus and determination. A man who has mastered the wielding of a sword is a force on his own!  The sword is one that cuts through bullshit right to the truth, sees through matter to heart and speaks all with the detachment of a judge in a courtroom.

As a message, this card suggests that this is not the time to be brutally honest nor to be deceitful or circumspect.  Practice being assertive, clear and open but also respectful of others.  With Mercury currently transiting Cancer, this is the time to honestly express our emotions without becoming washed over by them.  Less over-deliberating, more controlled acting.  Make a decision and move! The King of Swords is Air energy, quick thinking and clear.   We are asked to speak feelings and keep it moving, careful enough with our words to fit the circumstances, while maintaining our sense integrity and emotional balance.  May we all be mindful with our words and true to ourselves.

Key Words: Clarity, Straightforward, Intellect, Right Action and Honest Communication

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