Friday, July 7, 2017 "Page of Swords"

Abracadabra: I Create What I Speak.

The art of rebellious truth is represented in the Page of Swords (Princess in the Thoth deck).  Its element is air, full of thought, clarity, and objective desire for honesty.  We must be careful that our words, while they may be reality based should also show respect and regard for others.  As a court card this represents a young air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius). Someone who is objective and eager to learn, one who speaks truth and requires it in turn.  They may not however consider the feelings of others when they speak because they have a personal knack for emotional detachment not found in the other signs.  This is the child who sees his father kissing another woman and blurts it out at the family reunion with a “what…. it’s true” quip right after.

When this card shows up in a reading, it is encouraging us to go out and learn something new.   These are the new ideas, paradigms, knowledge and information that changes how we behave in the world.  We must adjust our behavior to new information, indeed we must accommodate an entirely new reality.  Let’s act in accordance with our common sense rather than our emotions, to speak truthfully, but be mindful the effect of our words on the feelings of others, to act in the light of our inner guidance.  Beware being brutally honest for brutality’s sake.

Ask yourself, in what way does your new vision reflect your old way of seeing. In what ways may a new idea change your life?   Are you aware of how your words affect your environment?  Words are sounds and as such are vibrations.  Is your rebellious truth rooted and spoken in love?

Key words: Clarity, Vision, Epiphany, Truth, Intellect, Openness, Blunt

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