Daily Tarot "Ace of Swords"

Much Demanded, Much Returned

Hump day rolls in accompanied by some particularly strong energies!  The Ace of Swords offers us the focus and objectivity necessary to pursue our goals, speak our truth, and remain clear in mind despite the heavy emotional environment that the party in the sign of Cancer (Mercury, Mars, and the Sun) is creating among us all. This card reminds us that dedicated and self-directed action is necessary for success and manifestation.

In order to take advantage of this energy, we must be deliberate about balancing the emotion and the intellect.  Without the integrating these parts of ourselves, we cannot elevate through higher levels of consciousness nor can we connect from a place of wholeness with others.  Impartial decision making, detachment and awareness, the courage to speak honestly; these are the tools we are awarded to face this day. We’ve been given a sharp enough sword to cut through the bullshit!

Truths may come to light today that were hidden to us before.  We are challenged to trust ourselves, be mindful of our words judgements.

Keywords: Truth, Insight, Objectivity, Intelligence, Detachment, Inspiration, Epiphany

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