Tarot Profile: King of Cups

Emotional maturity in action and speech is the advice Friday comes in with.  We are granted clear insight, intuition, and balance between objectivity and sensitivity. As this is a court card, it could represent that someone is bringing this energy into our lives or that we are embodying this energy ourselves as it represents the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  A King of Cups person is spiritually sound, responsible and nurturing to the family unit.  This is someone who requires and creates a secure home environment for themselves.

This card showing up can also represent the cunning use of intuition that all water signs have in common.  We are to pay close attention to the feelings and emotional expressions of others (or sometimes the lack there of, which is what Scorpios often notice) and determine the best way to deal with them according to our desires and intentions.  Being able to balance our emotional needs with the environment is a vital skill to build and use and it will certainly come in handy with all of the water energy we are manifesting under today. (Scorpio’s planet, Pluto is opposite both the Sun and Mars in Cancer.  Both the Moon and Neptune are currently transiting Pisces.) Our challenge will be to express ourselves authentically without becoming drowned out by our own or others emotional displays.

Keywords: Intimacy, Vulnerability, Emotional Intelligence, Intuition, Nurturing, Security

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