Tarot Profile: The Hermit

Today, we are called to go within.  The Hermit comes into spiritual clarity by way of self-reflection and solitude.  By spending time with his/herself, a person embodying this energy learns the inevitable presence and necessity of shadow where there is light.  The shadow is of unparalleled use in self healing and improvement.  The ability to recognize our own truth is what sets us up for the process of transformation. We must make time to separate ourselves from external distractions and come back into alignment with our own inner guidance and identity.  From this place we grow holistically and offer that same growth and healing insight to others.

The hermit is associated with Virgo, a sign that combines the mercurial detachment and logic with the earthly realms of service and material stability.  When this card shows up in a reading, it says we need a moment of solitude in order to see more clearly the light within ourselves.  Take a mental health day, unplug from electronics and social media, meditate & contemplate your own healing.  With the stellium in Leo (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, North Node) focusing on the self is not only easy but required at this time.  Set time aside to balance, study, and heal yourself!

Keywords: Solitude, Spirituality, Enlightenment, Isolation, Intuition, Guidance,

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