Daily Tarot “8 of Cups”

Tuesday comes in with even more work to do on the emotional front.  Today, detaching from relationships and situations that do not fulfill our emotional needs becomes a necessity in order to continue our growth.  Yesterday, we had the hermit inviting us to look within so that we can more clearly see what we need and have to offer.  Our preference in connection should now be quality over quantity and it becomes easier with the Leo energy to separate ourselves from anything or anyone with whom we cannot connect deeply or passionately.  We are being urged to walk away from any emotional investments made that no longer offer a return.  The starting point is recognizing any attachments we participate in that involve a feeling of lack.

The 8 of cups is associated with the water signs, Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces, and as such naturally focuses on the feeling realm of the human experience.  When this card arises, the decision it is calling us to make is of an emotional nature.  Where have we made offers or extended loving energy and gotten no reciprocation.  What situations are we no longer enthused about putting effort into? What connections come to mind when you think of the phrase “It is better to walk away than to stay”?  It is time to make that choice and act upon it.  Be fearless like Leo the Lion in your quest for fulfillment.  Sometimes making space for what is new simply means releasing what no longer serves.

Keywords: Detachment, Separation, Indolence, Unfulfilled Desire, Reciprocity

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