Tarot Profile: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups shows her face just as we release ourselves from the emo stronghold that has been permeating everyone’s life with increased sensitivity, intuitive ability, and reactive energy.  We are now called to reflect on the emotional upheaval that overcame us all during Cancer season and separate what is ours and what is not. Now that Leo season is fully under way, this card is asking us to be true to what makes us feel most deeply, to get more in touch with what inspires passion, and calls to our heart of hearts.  In order to uncover our deepest spiritual and emotional truths, we must first be honest with ourselves about our current state, in relationships, in business, and in life.  What do we want and do not and what is working and what is not? This is a call to take stock of the ways we are being nurtured by our lifestyles. In order to create the life we want we must also take passionate focused action toward aligning our physical environment and relationships with our emotional makeup.

The Queen of cups represents the water signs (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) and as such represents someone who is fully in touch with the emotional self and able to express that authentically and openly with others from a place of empathetic and intuitive understanding.  When this card comes up it is an opportunity to gain fulfillment from deeply connecting with those in the world around us and by doing so, we more closely align with the deepest parts of ourselves.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality, Connection, Nurturing, Empathy, Insecurity, Power of the Unconscious

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