Daily Tarot "High Priestess"

Associated with the moon, this powerful feminine archetype embodies all that is intuitive, emotional, and integrated with the spirit and the unconscious.  The High Priestess is a sign that the changes we are going through internally will bring balance to our outer world. We are realigning with all that is, with our divine nature, honing our intuition and understanding of creative and nurturing principles.  The is a call to accept our own sensitivities so that we may more intimately connect with the world around us as our truest selves.  Accepting self and others allows us to more clearly perceive the truth of our connection to the universe.

Today is a great day to participate in activities that put us in touch with our intuitive power.  We must learn to protect our emotional independence by trusting our internal compass.  Where do we allow the perceptions and reactions of others to determine our actions or hinder us from behaving in a way that reflects our personal truths? We are called to day to re-evaluate these situations and refine our reactions to them.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Harmony, Intuition, Integration, Divine Feminine,

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