August 2017 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch

We’ve spent enough time considering the ins and outs of starting over and now the choice is upon us. There is a need to face up to our fears and proceed in spite of them. It’s past time to cultivate the new experiences, outlook and relationships you want and need to participate in for a fulfilling life experience. Don’t give up or self-sabotage when you make mistakes or fall short of your expectations. Mindfully engage the moments in which you feel fear. We must remind ourselves that everything we need to thrive is found within. Under the current astrological energy, manifestation power is strong! Therefore in order to bring to fruition the potential positives, we must be mindful of our words and thoughts and the energy we embody.

Are we properly using our resources is another aspect of the current energy to consider. Identify the places you’ve lied to yourself and others and pour nurturing energy into those places within ourselves and relationships. It is a call to be honest and straightforward about our need for renewal and depth in connection. We need to accept the necessity of being inside ourselves. If needed, this is an excellent time to seek the guidance, instruction, or insight of a spiritual teacher or other wise person. Be careful not to expect the worst due to past conditioning as it will hinder forward movement and healing offered through new intimate connections. We run the risk of feeling rejected due to misinterpreted intentions and miscommunication.

Go within and explore what parts of you seem new or re-emerged. These are the tools with which we will recreate ourselves this month. What do we want to manifest? How will it grow us? What are we willing and unwilling to sacrifice for our own growth? These are the questions we are forced to answer to ourselves and the world around us. In order to create lasting change we must make consistent effort towards small ones by adding routine and structure to our daily lives. We must decide this month if we are going to put in the work or stick to the status quo. If we delay, we may find the decision made for us.

However, a breakthrough or chance for change is on offer if we remain flexible and grounded within ourselves. We must embody our ideals and allow ourselves to alter our behaviors and expressions as we feel the need no matter our quickly. The best way to bring about new lives is to behave as if they are already ours!

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