Slow & Steady Revival of the True Self

I’ve been feeling more and more a sense of authentic and deserved confidence in myself as an individual and in the path I’ve chosen to pave for myself and embark upon.  I am no longer afraid of not knowing what’s ahead.  I recognize my own ability to create healing from whatever circumstances I encounter.  I got a tarot reading today that confirmed I am to be both healer and teacher (which is basically the gifts/purpose I’ve been feeling called toward combining), moreover that as I heal and explore my spiritual ancestry, I will awaken skills from the past.  In addition he was emphatic when he expressed that I have no requirements to follow anyone else’s path re:healing and spirituality.  It was also implied that love may even come as I embark upon what inspires me emotionally and lines up with my ideal career.

The requirement is that I place myself in new environments and go out amongst people more. That will allow me to meet people who will be connected to my journey or to an opportunity for love. Admittedly, I go out quite a bit but I don’t mingle much at all with other people.  However, with all he said that did resonate, I choose to act as if what is what is to take place. As much as I want to join somebody in union, I really also need new platonic connections that better fit the person I’m choosing to become. I am slowly but surely creating and structuring my own spiritual beliefs and practices according to experience and resonating insight external to me.

I’m spending the weekend, cleaning house, reviving my sessy 🙂 and writing a little in addition to completing September’s monthly readings for the signs.   Overall, I made a decision about who and what I want to be and I’m acting on that like yesterday!




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