September 2017 Tarot Forecast

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This is obviously a 9 month (we have a total of four 9 cards in a 9 card reading. Go figure). The number 9 is a number of Culmination and intensity. It is the last and most fruitful part of a cycle before the pause the 10 offers in the face of a new beginning.

Allowing our minds and hearts to heal after the releases and review of the past and the energetic shifts the eclipse brought forth is creating stronger inner foundations within us all. Some of us are working to heal from a poverty mindset in order to invite opportunities for increased abundance into our individual experiences. Intuition is strong and brings awareness of the potential for transformative change and greater manifestation. We are balancing our emotions and changing minds, rejuvenating our faith in self and our hopes for the collective evolution. This is brought on by way of awakening our self-nurturing skills and the resulting sense of fulfillment. We must let go of non-sensical, negative, and limiting thought patterns that undermine our sense of self in order to move forward and make the most of the current energy.

Inner conflict comes from lack of self awareness and acceptance. Resistance to what is creates stagnancy and stagnancy invites lower vibrational emotions, experiences, and relationships. Some of us have been waiting for someone else’s intervention to propel us toward forward movement. However, we are called to independently embark on our own healing and evolution in order to gain faith, wisdom, and emotional contentment that is not dependent on external influence and not subject to fluctuations in the environment.

There will be the necessary upheaval and conflict that comes with asserting our truth and individuality onto the world outside us. Engaging in a healthy way is a testament to the growth that in many cases has been forced upon us. We are coming out of the cocoons of consciousness we’ve been incubating in and making space for what serves us and brings us joy by engaging active self reflection and releasing all that does not resonate without resentment. We can no longer stomach anything that insults or neglects our sense of self. This is the end of a new beginning.

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