September 2017 Monthly Predictions by AstreauxBytch


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9/5/17 Mercury stations direct in Leo, conjunct Mars & N.Node, trine Sun in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries. Mars enters Virgo.

Self exploration & expression may fluctuate as we become increasingly clear on the changes that have taken place within and externally as a result of the eclipse.  We are more certain of  who we are, why we are here and what in our lives hinders or encourages us on that journey.  Mercury and Mars conjunction requires us to speak authentically and follow up with action.  Saturn joining the mix demands that we speak and act authentically, respectfully and in timing with the prevailing energies.  Consideration of other peoples boundaries and healthy setting of our own is a major theme as we come to greater understanding of our individual and collective journeys.  Uranus adds his contribution to this fiery trine by reminding…

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  1. Aphrolina says:

    You started a youtube channel? Nice. I’ll def check it out.


    1. iroksthnew says:

      Yup currently uploading from my phone so it’s not the best quality but Im getting there slowly but surely. Thanks for the encouragement!

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