Personal Reading: The Illuminated Shadow

Illuminated Shadow Spread (click for breakdown)

3-5-7 Unconcsious Self (Knight of Swords, Queen of Wands, High Priestess)
You are a master of intuition, creativity, and emotional sensitivity.  Acute awareness of the deeper selves & motivations of self and others is second nature to you and as a result, you may sometimes exhibit an overbearing persona when communicating your perception to others.  You must be careful to consider your words when making use of this skill as you may see more of people’s shadow and internal states than they are comfortable with or even aware of!

Remember, you are not responsible for or in control of the healing of anyone who is not requesting that of you.  You are definitely gifted in the healing arts as well as psychoanalysis and may eventually make your living in this area should you discipline your skill and market yourself responsibly.  Focus on healing yourself  and creatively expressing your insights in a way that makes them accessible…  indeed digestible by all.  You are learning to emotionally detach from outcomes in order to allow your higher self to make decisions.

4-6-8 Conscious Self (The Fool, IX of Swords ®, The Empress)
You are still fighting the inclination toward self-pity and even martyrdom, after recently emerging from a dark night of the soul.  You are however consciously working toward releasing fear and readying yourself to proceed optimistically into an unknown future with a stronger sense of the abundance within that allows you this new positive outlook.  You may also be relearning the art of self care and your confidence is getting a boost as a result.

This is a time of great renewal.  You seem to be purposefully engaging shadow work and finding it immensely rewarding.  You may be experiencing some anxiety/suspicion that is warranted (rather than self imposed like the 9 of swords upright).  Be careful not to project your residual fears onto others and to express yourself respectfully, clearly, and sincerely.

2 Potential Self (Death)
Recognizing the universal nature of pain and loss allows you to rise above it.  Transmute pain into wisdom and release it, remaining grateful for the awareness as it will push you toward “Temperance” (emotional balance and right action).  Each death brings new life. Ego death makes way for the emergence of true (Higher) self.  Notice the sun rises behind the towers 🙂

1 Advice (IV of Wands)
Responsible use of creative talents and passionate action will allow you to build a stable home where you can explore your spiritual self and live a life fulfilled. You may need to learn to work better with others.  Focus on becoming stable financially and emotionally so that you can enjoy the benefits of your natural talents!  Without this stability, you run the risk of losing yourself to the fanaticism of your spiritual pursuits and your sense of self in the world at large.  Wholeness means to live holistically.  Work to stabilize all facets of life.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ~Michelle says:

    You are downright amazing with your work! I am still in the early stages of learning because I really don’t have a formal teacher and I just kind of learn as I go, but looking over your work I received so much insight. How long have you been at this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m self taught too!!! I was forbidden to do it as a teen and rediscovered it early 2017 and have just been studying, doing readings, and watching YouTube. You got this!!!


      1. ~Michelle says:

        You have come a long ways in a short amount of time then. I would have guessed you were a lifetimer. I like your style and I think I am going to spend some time studying your work because it makes so much more sense to me than what I have been learning from. Dream Interpretation is my main area of study but I am determined to nail the cards lol. But I just wanted to tell you how talented you are and I love your work.


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