New Moon in Leo 7/22-23: What is Abundance to Me?

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

An abundant life is one that is balanced, where holistic healing and abundance is present. That means stability in all major areas of life. As this is my birthday season and a double new moon, I feel my power to create my desired lifestyle by setting my intentions and taking small, consistent steps will allow me to heal and manifest in a way fitting of my potential. So here are my goals for this Solar Return year…

Financial Stability:

  • Rid myself of debt
  • Save enough to pay bills for 6 months in case of emergency or job loss
  • Paying bills in advance (1-2 months if possible)
  • Funds saved for travel and leisure

Emotional Stability:

  • Self healing; integration of shadow and healing past trauma
  • Ability to openly communicate perceptions and feelings to others
  • Resilience & frequent laughter
  • Acting according to faith and self-awareness rather than fear
  • Deep intimacy in interpersonal relations

Giving back

  • Involvement in social causes that matter
  • Sharing my healing journey
  • Engaging with children
  • Long Term Goal: Group home focusing on self-sufficiency and sustainable growth

Spiritual Growth

  • Proper use of intuition
  • Regular meditative practice
  • Control of personal energy; maintaining healthy energetic boundaries
  • Right thought, Right speech, Right action

Physical Health

  • Healthful diet (produce heavy, additive, chemical free)
  • Balancing strength and flexibility

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