Chance Meetings & Synchronicity


I am so ecstatic about all the connections I’m making within the healing, the lessons the confidence and renewed vigor for deep diving into myself! I am embracing through experience the connectivity… oneness of the universe (I know it sounds corny to some but really) of all living things and my optimism and openness are increasing exponentially as a result.

Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and was trying to connect to the wifi which wasn’t working. So I gave up and proceeded to look into a sequel to a fantasy novel I’d been looking for. Eventually I got bored with it and decided to explore some tarot books and pulled out my deck. I was fully intending to simply enjoy my solitude in my favorite place. Someone started talking to me about my tarot and before I new it 3 hrs had passed while we discussed spirituality, addiction, meditation, timeline jumping, deja vu, tarot, healing, relationships and just… everything. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve been out in public with my deck and it brought toward me a resonating energy.

People I’d never have considered I might have something in common with turn out to be exactly the connections I’ve been craving and it’s really inspiring me to open my mind the varied possibilities available to meet my need and desire for depth & connection. In fact, today I have a meeting with a guy I met at Tea Drops (the bubble tea cafe I frequent). He’s got connections to a few people who study astrology, tarot, magic and other occult topics and has decided to create a “Mastermind” group for us to set goals and learn from one another while also holding each other accountable.

My situation isn’t much different than it was, but the change in perspective and insight to my experiences makes it seem so much more workable. I can’t help but be grateful.

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