October 2017 Tarot Forecast


Openly expressing newfound wisdom and insight about our own natures, passions, internal structures and external expressions is how we navigate this month. Some of what we’ve learned recently has brought into question our current lifestyles and ways of thinking and behaving. Now, we must ask if they resonate with what most inspires passionate action within us and supports our confidence and individual contribution to collective growth. Shining a light on the places in our lives that need more balance and acting accordingly is our task this month, creating a union between our material circumstance, personal identity, and our spiritual/emotional selves. That is how we manifest our truth in the physical world and live lives that authentically reflect us as individuals.

Bringing our focus toward integration increases our manifestation potential and puts us in the position to bring our true purpose to fruition. Developing routines that support our growth and reflect our higher selves helps this process. We must be careful not to isolate ourselves out of fear but conversely, not to avoid the necessary solitude required for self-reflection. Honest introspection lends itself to authentic confidence which may have faltered or been in question due to the discoveries we’ve recently made about ourselves. Healing this month will be assisted by self-awareness, creating healthy routines, and sharing of an intimate or emotional nature with those closest to us or in an effort to bring people closer to us.

I call that man awake who, with conscious knowledge and understanding can perceive the deep unreasoning powers in his soul, his whole innermost strength, desires and weaknesses, and knows how to reckon with himself.  – Hermann Hesse

20170924_182058Navigating the conflict between tradition and natural inclinations that may not be in line with what we’ve been shown or taught as the norm is another theme for October. Through our healing journey, we’ve learned to recognize ourselves as the guru. Some lessons required we make sacrifices, releasing what may have been useful at one time but is no longer contributes to our healing processes, but also may have created an air of disappointment or a crisis of faith.

We are now forced to share our journeys with others in order to heal the part of ourselves that keep us from emotional communion with our environment. Practice active self-care, prioritizing the healing of spirit, possibly by releasing karmic attachments and toxic ways of thinking and behaving that we may have grown dependent upon in some way. Pay special attention to those learned behaviors and opinions we adopted from external sources and held onto simply due to familiarity, ignorance, or convenience. The Ace of Cups is a symbol of emotional union, healing, and spiritual new beginnings. In order to come into true union with the self or others; indeed, with the Universal Soul, we must balance our individual experience and expression with the structure and tradition that has influenced us to date.

To really discover God inside yourself, you must undergo some uncomfortable confrontations with your own psyche. Similarly, to decide for yourself what is the moral thing to do in all situations might require an agony of choice.  -Rachel Pollack


Working to release a poverty mindset in order to re-stabilize our inner and outer worlds helps us to transcend the feeling of stagnancy or limbo that the end of a life cycle or significant energy shift often entails. We have reviewed our mistakes, misconceptions, and miscommunications and their effects on our material lives from the comfort/security within our homes and finances to the individual foundations we’ve built our identities upon. This is not a time for fast forward movement. Rather, this is a moment to regroup and redefine what stability means to us.

Manifesting abundance in whatever area we choose requires forethought, confidence, consistency and right action. Where in your life are any of these elements lacking and in what way can you take command in that area that will reward you with a sense of growth and forward movement? Where have you overexerted your control to the detriment of yourself or others? It is now time to wrap up your reflection and begin taking actions that result in steady progress toward personal freedom and independence.

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