OCTOBER 2017 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch

Oct2017MonthlyGenBringing our focus toward integration increases our manifestation potential and puts us in the position to bring our true purpose to fruition. Developing routines that support our growth and reflect our higher selves helps this process. We must be careful not to isolate ourselves out of fear but conversely, not to avoid the necessary solitude required for self-reflection. Honest introspection lends itself to authentic confidence which may have faltered or been in question due to the discoveries we’ve recently made about ourselves. Healing this month will be assisted by self-awareness, creating healthy routines, and sharing of an intimate or emotional nature with those closest to us or in an effort to bring people closer to us.

I call that man awake who, with conscious knowledge and understanding can perceive the deep unreasoning powers in his soul, his whole innermost strength, desires and weaknesses, and knows how to reckon with himself.  – Hermann Hesse

Source: October 2017 Tarot Forecast

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