NOVERMBER 2017 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch,

nov2017genallsigns.jpgPast (1,4,7) The Hierophant, Two of Cups [r], Four of Pentacles [r] – We’ve learned to manage our ways out of situations and thought patterns that leave us feeling isolated or conversely, getting into deeper touch with our own inner knowing has allowed us to release our fears where vulnerability is concerned.  Spiritual grounding and guidance made their importance known by way of our relationships and possibly our financial circumstances.

Present (2,5,8) Five of Wands [r], Knight of Pentacles [r], Temperance [r] – Balancing our emotions, practicing patience, acting in our own best long term interest may bring upset or backlash from others, but may simply pull us out of conflict with ourselves that contributes to a sense of stagnancy. Some of us need to acknowledge how lack of control over our emotions and inability/refusal to change our behavior to fit the circumstances leaves us stuck in static or codependent cycles.

Near Future (3,6,9) The Sun [r], King of Swords, Seven of Cups – Detaching from our emotions during a time of strong energy shifting (look up Scorpio stellium!) allows us to make a viable choice among what appears to be many. However of these potentials, some may be more harmful or less useful than presented or planned for.  Our own clarity with regard to the underlying truth may have us pessimistic. The outcome remains unknown until choice is made.

Love (1,2,3) –  Traditional relationship roles are being re-evaluated for functionality and how they apply to our individual needs and interpersonal connections.  We are attempting to avoid unnecessary conflict by adopting a peaceful outlook and expression. You may find partners being more formal or at least conscious of their speech.  Be careful not to let your passion or enthusiasm take a back seat to propriety.

Money (4,5,6) – We maybe be forgoing emotional nourishment and connection to make decisions regarding practical matters. A grounded approach to stabilizing finances requires a well thought out plan and discipline. Take the time to think through longer term goals before making any moves.

Spirituality (7,8,9) – For those of us seeking growth, there is a call to open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and acting that while scary for some, is a necessary part of the process of personal evolution.  This month allows us a feeling of safety, but also a warning: In order to make choices in our own best interest, it is necessary that we are patient with others and ourselves and that we cultivate/identify a means to balance our own emotions or we may find ourselves ungrounded emotionally, putting us back into a mindset of lack/victimhood.  It is time to allow ourselves rest but also a deeper sense of self awareness.  In what area of our lives is there a habit of self delusion? Can we face ourselves there now and be honest? There is where we’ll find a huge chance to heal, grow, and align with our sense of individual freedom.

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