Weekly Tarotscope 11/5/17 – 11/11/17


Monday(Past) – 9 of Swords Coming out of a period of stress or anxiety, releasing looping thought patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent forward progress. We may be hindering our own growth/objectivity by stressing over things we cannot control. Adjust your attitude to one of clarity and acceptance to ease the day’s energy.

Tuesday (Present) – 3 of Swords Engaging the healing process after deep emotional wounding. 3rd party interference in emotional situations. Regaining strength during recovery. Severing karmic ties, releasing emotional baggage. This is a time to look at your pain objectively and identify the lessons so that you don’t repeat the patterns of self sabotage. Clearing the air through communication.

Wednesday(Unconscious) – Knight of Swords straightforward communication, acting on ideas and intentions. Setting clear boundaries in relationships. Verbal confrontations. Standing up for personal truth, or being forced to face it. Emotional detachment from outcomes & other’s perceptions.  This is a call to keep your cool.  Learning new skills and gathering information.

Thursday(Hopes/Fears) – 2 of Wands motivated to take action but vacillating between 2 paths. Take time to think, and then act in your own best interest!  The choice between traditional/expected path and paving a new one that inspires you individually. Decisions re: travel (where to go, how to get there, etc)

Friday(Other’s Perspective) – King of Cups Balancing emotional needs with material responsibilities, integrating sensitivity and strength. Offering advice of a spiritual/emotional nature to others. Staying grounded during periods of chaos or uncertainty. The ability to be both strong and vulnerable. Freedom of emotional expression. Share healing experiences.

Saturday(Advice) – 4 of Swords Take some time to yourself to regain your inner clarity and emotional stability.  It is as important to have patience with yourself as it is to have patience with others. Allow yourself the necessary solitude for clarity, healing, and balance.  This is a call to rest so that you can regain strength to face whatever issues you may be finding challenging at this time. Is your lifestyle supporting your physical/emotional health? Time to get back in touch with you!

Sunday (Outcome) – 10 of Wands Take responsibility for yourself.  Release what burden is no longer yours to carry. You may be overwhelmed with responsibility, but that cycle is coming to an end. Free yourself from unnecessary obligation.  Trying to function under outdated beliefs or perceptions of your circumstances is weighing you down or holding you back.  Now is the time to learn and practice surrender.

Teaching/It’s all Good (Advice/Unconscious)


Universal Spirituality(overall theme)

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