Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/8 – 1/14/18

This week, we are faced with strong grounding energy. The Sun Venus and Pluto in Capricorn are joined by Mercury as it comes out of its retrograde shadow period to add to the powerful sextile energy these 3 planetary bodies are making with Mars and Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio ruler of death (of the psychological kind) regeneration, and rebirth.  The Universe is offering a chance at deep and divine healing if we take a practical honest and discipline approached to identifying, planning for, and taking a consistent approach toward defining our personal values and responsibilities and aligning our actions accordingly.  The tarot for this week reflects this being with a strong earth presence showing up flanked by air and water.  The underlying message from all the cards is to ACT on what we know in order to manifest according to our desires/expectations and bring us out of internal conflict and resistance to our co-creating potential with the divine.  I am using Mystic Mondays Tarot in a basic bow spread (breakdown of card positions bolded).  I am clarifying with the Osho Zen Tarot.

Monday/Past : 10 of Pentacles 2 of Air (schizophrenia)

We’ve come to the end of a cycle in our lives regarding our inner foundations or material stability and we are now faced with a decision.  Which new path do we take or purpose do we pursue to lead us toward abundance and holistic stability?

Tuesday/Present: 3 of Swords (rx) Knight of Air (fighting)

Face the fact that communicating our experience of pain is a vital step in the healing process. To voice our hurt and accepting it as necessary lesson for our growth allows us to move quickly out of our sense of woundedness with newfound clarity and direction.

Wednesday/Unconscious: Knight of Pentacles Thunderbolt (The Tower)

A sudden shift in energy around us, and epiphany, unexpected news or arrival may benefit us in a big way financially or provide us an increased sense of inner security.  News could also pertain to an earth sign or this person may be about to surprise us or contribute to a significant change in our lives.

Thursday/Hopes & Fears: The Star (rx) King of Water (healing)

Our worries and aspirations surround having faith in the ability we have to heal ourselves with love and in turn to offer that same healing love to those we value.  We’ve arrived a a turning point, rising out of a state of disillusionment with a deeper emotional intelligence and a more stable and grounded response to ours and others’ sensitivities.

Friday/Envirionment: 10 of Swords 4 of Rainbows (miser)

The outside world is picking up on the pain that has closed you off from it.  But the worst is really over and what we are facing is a resting period before a new beginning is upon us.  Allow yourself to release the sense of victimhood so that you may heal.  It I ok to remain self contained during the process, but be careful not to putrefy your inner reserves and external resources out of fear, lack or bitterness about the past.

Saturday/Advice:  Knight of Swords Creativity (The Empress)

We’re quickly progressing in a logical way toward that which makes us feel most abundant or at least provides improved material/financial security.  This card combo reminds me of Rakim “Thinking of a master plan…”  Review your resources.  What do you have that has yet to be used productively or may be used differently to create more and better for yourself?  How can you use your intellect to increase or improve your confidence? Make a clearly define and logical plan and then take swift and confident action!

Sunday/Outcome: Knight of Pentacles Knight of Water (trust)
We are moving forward slowly but surely on our path toward personal growth and evolution.  Making progress financially depends upon our emotional stability and our willingness to put effort toward our own healing.  On the other side of that, increasing our emotional intelligent is often dependent upon our willingness and ability to ground ourselves in our material realities and responsibilities.  The end of the week shows realization and acceptance of this fact to come easily and almost with relief as we may have come out of a period of feeling forced to focus on one or the other.

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