Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/22– 1/28/18 — AstreauxBytch

This week, we’ve come to a place of clarity by applying our newly gained emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence. Delayed gratification leads us to our ultimate long term satisfaction, provided we do not let the wait undermine our confidence in the Universe’s ability and intent to deliver. Material instability and unstable emotional foundations may have a few of us on edge, but worry not! The opportunity for growth is still available to us should we choose to make wise decisions based on the circumstances presented to us. Seeing things as they are and accepting them is the challenge. Mediation, grounding, journaling and shadow work are all tools we can use toward this purpose. The urge to gossip or speak on the situations of others is likely but we must be aware that as clearly as we see the issues of others, they may also see what lies beneath our own protective shells. Bitterness, harsh judgment of others, and lack of communication may get in the way of connecting and logical decision making. Be sure to be honest in your dealings and communications or you may create delay or conflict where there need be none.

via Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/22– 1/28/18 — AstreauxBytch

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  1. Ma Megha says:

    Love the decks!

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    1. iroksthnew says:

      Mystic Mondays is quickly becoming a new fave. For some reason the simplistic imagery combined with the bright colors gives me an intuitive burst with lots of detail. Thanks for the follow 🙂

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      1. Ma Megha says:

        Heh! I know the feeling. I transitioned from traditional deck types to the Haindl deck myself. The more abstract it is, the clearer the conversation! Thanks for the readings! 🙂

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      2. iroksthnew says:

        You too! There are also video readings by sign if you follow the link 🙂

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      3. iroksthnew says:

        That’s a deck on my list but I figured a little more practice/mastery and I’ll be ready to focus on it.


      4. Ma Megha says:

        Just do it! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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