Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/22– 1/28/18


Mystic Mondays Tarot & Quantum Tarot 2.0 were used for this reading.

This week, we’ve come to a place of clarity by applying our newly gained emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence.  Delayed gratification leads us to our ultimate long term satisfaction, provided we do not let the wait undermine our confidence in the Universe’s ability and intent to deliver. Material instability and unstable emotional foundations may have a few of us on edge, but worry not!  The opportunity for growth is still available to us should we choose to make wise decisions based on the circumstances presented to us.  Seeing things as they are and accepting them is the challenge. Mediation, grounding, journaling and shadow work are all tools we can use toward this purpose.  The urge to gossip or speak on the situations of others is likely but we must be aware that as clearly as we see the issues of others, they may also see what lies beneath our own protective shells.  Bitterness, harsh judgment of others, and lack of communication may get in the way of connecting and logical decision making.  Be sure to be honest in your dealings and communications or you may create delay or conflict where there need be none.

Monday/ Past: 7 of Wands & 8 of Wands

We have made decisions about our chosen direction, following our passions and enthusiastically pursuing the purpose we’ve spent time communicating on and we are now possibly facing the consequences of actions taken and choices made.  It is also possible that swift communication regarding which actions to take or the effect of our actions on other’s in our environment has us feeling defensive or standing our ground against opposition.  Following through on whatever inspires us most can leads to a sense of progress and forward movement.

Tuesday/ Present: 5 of Wands (Rx) & Queen of Wands (Rx)

The confusion that arose when we took decisive actions in a new direction is waning, and with it the internal conflict that may have undermined our confidence.  Melodramatic, controlling, or self-centered behavior and attitudes may have contributed to the issue but it is slowly passing from our experience.  In our midst, a feminine or receptive fire energy (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may be particularly upset or acting our as a response to the changes that took place.

Wednesday/ Unconscious: Ace of Pentacles (Rx) & 7 of Wands (Rx)

Withstanding financial pressure seems to be causing some stress in some of our lives as we wait for signs our efforts are taking root in a tangible way.  Slowly, but surely though our luck will turn around as we persist in our endeavors, acting on practical solutions, employing discipline, and not getting lost in the negativity energies surrounding us.

Thursday/ Hopes & Fears: The Lovers (Rx) & 7 of Cups (Rx)

It is a possibility that delaying a decision will leave us without options in the long run.  As this is a combination of The Lovers and the suit of Cups, this is a head over heart decision that has implication in our emotional life.  Whether choosing between 2 potential mates or making a choice that leads us to wholeness based on a newfound sense of clarity, there is a limited time within which the decision must be made in order to choose between the best available options.

Friday/ Environment: The Star & 7 of Swords (Rx)

Healing is here and we are ready to receive!  Clear and straightforward communication has taken place and clarity is the result.  Some unconscious information has come to our awareness or secrets and situations that were beyond our periphery are now obvious.  With this understanding comes increased optimism and freedom of choice.

Saturday/ Advice: Princess (Page) of Wands (Rx) & 6 of Cups (Rx)

Reminiscing about the past is keeping is in a stagnant energy. Fear of moving forward is impeding our ability to make passionate decisions possibly regarding a creative venture we’ve considered.  Immature communications such as gossip, snide comments, or harsh insults are either coming toward or from us and affecting our ability to manifest healthy union with others.  Release fear in order to free yourself for right action.  Remember it is ok think of the past fondly as long as we carry the lessons with us into the present rather than living in the memories.

Sunday/ Outcome-Future: Judgement (Rx) & Queen of Cups (Rx)

Unable to see the available alternatives, we may be at risk of making a decision against our best interests or intended out come.  This lack of conscious awareness is influence by our emotional insecurity or hypersensitivity.  There is no use waiting for a savior as that role for each individual is held by themselves.  Allow yourself some time to heal from whatever still hurts, put effort into self-awareness, and forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made in the pass that make you feel regretful or unworthy of love and forgiveness from others.

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