Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/5 – 3/11



We are  coming out of a period of conscious introspection most likely during a period of solitude or brought on by a period of acute loneliness.  Now, we’re facing our new beginnings, many of which we were initially optimistic about with a sense of trepidation due to the delay in seeing a result or harvest for efforts already made.  Unconsciously, some of us are allowing impatience or uncertainty surrounding our circumstances or the energies and intentions others in our environment get the best of us due to lack of confidence in chosen ventures, whether creative, financial or emotional.

Right now, though is less a time to make final decisions (Mercury is going into retrograde shadow in Aries for most of us this weekend) or to fret over what may come, and more a time to align ourselves with that which inspires us most, renews our self confidence, create urge, and zest for life in general.
Our healing process is slowly coming to and end and with it the feeling of codependency and instability in our lives.  Some are conversely learning to let go of their control issues as this transformation out of a pain cycle takes place. Keep going toward your wholeness, folks!

We are advised to use our best possible discernment when voicing our emotional circumstances and responses and to watch our for overindulgence in creature comforts like food, drink and retail therapy and also toxic connections.  Some long term contract or commitment is ending and with it our discontentment with the status quo.  Others of us may get an unpleasant or unexpected result from doing something common in an unorthodox way.  Proper planning is needed in this case.
The best way to use this energy is to remove ourselves from unnecessary conflict, focus on our passions and defend our right to pursue them without creating additional tension.  We can best make use of the energy surrounding us by going within and focusing on the direction of our own personal transformations.

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