So I’ve Been Bullet Journaling…

And I must say that for me, its both productive and meditative.  I have tried coloring mandalas (which I enjoy, but don’t do enough to make a notable difference).

I have fought a pretty constant struggle with self-discipline, financial responsibility, and self motivation in all areas of life.  A lot of these issues stem from a journey to restore stable and autonomous self work and confidence. Even more of it has to do with a lack of understanding my own powers of manifestation and the laws of energetic exchange. I’m working on it *insert eyeroll emoji here*

Anywho, I discovered BUJO by accident on Pinterest (a guilty pleasure of mine) and it’s assisted me with keeping track of my progress spiritually as I pursue my own growth and healing and organize my tarot and astrology studies and practices to accommodate a body of work that will assist others through the same process.  For me this includes getting disciplined about my own daily routine and self care because as they say “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.  As of now, I am in the learning and planning stages with my esoteric studies and taking notes as I witness noticeable jumps in my own personal evolution and understanding.

There’s a myriad of ways to organize and make good use of a bullet journal from tracking a specific goal, organizing information, or like myself, planning and tracking a series of lifestyle changes. It can be artistic, simplistic, chaotic or bare bones. It really is reflective of the person choosing to use it and that’s what makes it so special.  I’d try to put examples of others in here, but it’s easier to track the tags and see all different examples that may fit you.  Here’s mine.  Mine starts the month of the astrological new year because then I can keep up with that in addition to my own productivity.


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