Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/12 /18 – 3/18/18


DECKS USED: Hanson-Roberts Tarot/ Crowley’s Book of Thoth

MONDAY: Knight of Rods(wands) / Prince(knight) of Swords

We are seeking, clarifying and communicating our personal truth with emotional detachment. We must be careful to remain respectful of others and reliable to our responsibilities as we may become so caught up in what we think should be that we forget to operate within the parameters of what is. Fearlessly take action toward that which inspires you, but don’t forget to consider the impact of your decisions on others in the environment.

TUESDAY: Death/ The Hermit

Today, we are compelled to ask ourselves which healing modalities work for us under our current circumstances, release or introspection? The opportunity for deep healing and discernable change has arrived for us all, but with it personal responsibility has also increased? How can letting go bring us closer to our authentic selves? What parts of ourselves are se still rejecting or avoiding acknowledgement of? Those of us still feeling stuck even while these great energetic shifts are occuring are called to focus on what we’re holding onto or refusing to compromise on and reevaluate it’s role in our lives.

WEDNESDAY: 7 of Cups& 3 of Cups (rx)/ Ace of Swords

Someone communicates a truth to us or we come to it by way of our own perception that both clarifies and releases us from disatisfying or unstable connections that we may have been struggling to emotionally detach from. We are now experiencing a series of small rebirths as we take hold of a new perspective. Expanded possibilities and potentials we may have previously been unaware of make themselves known and our discernment becomes important as there are many choices, yes, but not all are as they appear.

THURSDAY: The High Priestess/ 7 of Wands

We have decided and communicated where we stand and are now gaining momentum in pursuit of a goal we decided upon after much introspection, only to encounter opposition as we strive above and beyond our initial successes, possibly causing some folks around us to question their role in our lives. Others may feel threatened by the height and speed of our progress and actively oppose our plans, but our intuition will serve us in these cases, warning us of any interference and guiding us toward our own fulfilment. “Keep the squares up outta ya circle”.
FRIDAY: 7 of Swords (rx) / 6 of Wands

Our sense of success and achievement arrives as a result of truth being communicated after concealment. Attempts to deceive ourselves and others and their attempts to do the same come into the light of day and with it, a new understanding of the necessary actions and ways of communicating that foster fast forward movement and positive recognition from those we are attempting to connect with. It is imperative that we are logical and practical when making decisions, honest and explicit when speaking, and ever mindful of the perceptions and behaviors of those in our environment that affect us as they are directly tied to our potential for progress.
SATURDAY: Queen of Wands (rx) / Ace of Wands

A chance for a passionate new beginning, possibly a creative or business venture, an attractive potential partner arrives or a sexual relationship is on offer at this time, but there may be some fear of taking action or a lack of confidence in your own deservedness. Clarity surrounding the possible consequences of acting on our desire for immediate gratification keeps us from doing anything at all. Take some time out to redefine for yourself what you want and what you have to offer and do not compromise… even with yourself. Go where you feel inspired to give your all and can realistically expect your energy to be reciprocated. *NOTE: The Ace of Wands shows up twice in this reading, the second time being at the bottom of the primary deck. This energy is the strongest energy of the reading and will affect our daily experiences throughout the week.

SUNDAY: 2 of Wands/ 9 of Pentacles

: 2 of Wands/ 9 of Pentacles

Look out for creative new ways and paths to take toward your independence and stability as you are now faced with multiple paths and the time for decision making is close at hand. Your choice should be fueled by your own passions, should inspire confidence within you, and propel you toward material growth simultaneously. No not every activity should be undertaken with profit in mind, but at this time your own autonomy and security are affected by whatever actions you choose to take and so should be considered as you choose a new direction. Travel may be indicated, possibly as a means to financial gain or support.

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