Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/19/18 – 3/25/18


NOTE: This week does seem a little heavy on the energy, specifically regarding communications. Undoubtedly, this is due to Mercury stationing retrograde mid-week. However, I am reticent to disregard either meaning of the Magician reversed due to the fact that it shows up twice clarified or clarifying cards representing tense or deceitful communication. Be mindful of your thoughts and words folks. Everything you think aint real and everything you want to say isn’t necessary.

Decks used: Rider Waite-Smith & After Tarot

Monday / Past: The World & Justice Reversed

We’ve come to a turning point in our lives or chosen paths & projects. Now all are faced with important decisions (possibly life changing = major arcana) that must be made with consideration to fairness for all parties involved with us (not necessarily what we or others want, but in equal measure to that which we’ve put out). Some of us are learning to be more fair to ourselves & that may be a welcome change, but it will impact EVERYTHING around us in significant ways. Be sure to use discernment and compassion.

Tuesday / Present: 4 of Swords & 4 of Cups

Some people are taking up new meditative and healing practices as we learn to identify our triggers, distractions and the disillusionment associated with missed opportunities and rejection from ourselves and others. Take time out to consciously and calm consider what in the environment you may be missing or taking for granted or any offers coming to you. Some of us are passing on offers due to need for rest & healing.

Wednesday / Unknown Influence: Magician (rx) & Knight of Swords

Barbed comments & verbal misunderstandings are creating power struggles between us (possibly due to ego’s bruised by harsh truths spoken or outright manipulative energy). With Mercury retrograde (The Magician represents the planet mercury, ironically), it is all too easy for impulsive or misleading words and behaviors to halt communication or exacerbate distrust. Out attempts at manifesting are being delayed due to a need to communicate with someone who may hold resources we need. Diplomacy and vigilance are required in this case.

Thursday / Hopes & Fears: Ace of Swords & Knight of Cups

The trust is realized either internally or via communication received that offer healing, forgiveness, or love. Clarity is now pointing some of us in the direction or our ability to self heal. New insights are allowing those of us who’ve spent sometime blocked or isolated to re-open our hearts to love and intimate connections with those around us. Either way, the truths that arrive on this day are making way for our sense of emotional contentment.

Friday / Environment: 7 of Wands (rx) & Ace of Pentacles (rx)

Not paying heed to the conflict and competitive edge of those around you may cause you or someone else to lose footing (or be knocked off a undeserved high horse). Assert yourself without oppressing others. It is in fact possible. This is a time for planning and taking steps toward your own fulfillment without compromise. While this definitely doesn’t mean to run over others, it does mean not to let the hinder your progress. Some of us may be making large purchases in order to build stability in the long term.

Saturday / Advice: 5 of Pentacles & 8 of Pentacles

A sense of being isolated and yet surrounded permeates some of our connections, lately as we are growing out of old selves and into new ones. Some may in fact need to separate from environments that are imbalanced energetically or financially in order to focus fully on their own growth and stability. Beware of equating material gains and pursuits with self-worth as you may unintentionally alienate yourself from those willing to work with you. Others are working diligently to master their skills or manage their finances possibly. Due to a lack of outside emotional or financial support, we may be feeling as if we’d make better progress solo.

Sunday / Outcome: 7 of Swords & Magician (rx)

Deceitful communication, secrecy and manipulation are definitely at play this day. It is imperative that we are aware of our surroundings and the intentions of those in our environment as they affect our ability to manifest according to our will. Be strategic in your planning, and keep what is important to you to yourself as someone in the environment is hell bent on preventing the fruition of a person’s plans. Conversely, if you are the one lying or attempting to manipulate another to your own advantage your run the risk of ruining chances at getting what you want.

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