Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/26/18 – 4/1/2018


Decks Used: Rider Waite-Smith & Osho Zen Tarot

Monday / Past: The Lovers (rx) & 5 of Rainbows (pentacles) “The Outsider”

An imbalance emotionally or financially has led to a sense of isolation or an actual separation in a relationship (regardless of the type of connection).  Delaying decision making or deciding against one’s own best interest may have brought on a loss of camaraderie or resources.  The results of these decisions/indecision is culminating now.

Tuesday / Present: 4 of SwordsXXI (The World) “Completion”

You may be working to calm the mind and maintain an emotional distance as a cycle comes to a close and the often chaotic nature of change makes itself known.  This strategy will lend much to restoring peace to a turbulent situation and indeed may be the only way of maintaining it.

Wednesday / Unconscious: The Devil & I (The Magician) “Existence”

There is an epic battle taking place between potential and familiarity.  Fear of the unknown may be hindering recognition of the resources, talents, and support available to you.  Engaging in immediate gratification versus long term investments may come up for consideration mid-week.  It’s time to make clear distinctions between that which is desired and that which is necessary for continued growth & evolution.

Thursday / Hopes & Fears: Queen of Cups & 9 of Fire (Wands) “Exhaustion”

We are striving to maintain emotional balance and connection to our intuition as we approach the end of a situation that has weathered us or in some way made us fearful suspicious or as if a thread to our peace is imminent.  Relax.  Your thoughts create your experience after all.  Expect the best possible outcome and trust in yourself to handle any challenge that may arrive in pursuit of it.

Friday / Environment: Knight of Pentacles & 5 of Water (Cups) “Clinging to the Past”

Someone’s progress is slow or being otherwise held up by an emotional attachment to a loss, separation or past mistake.   Progress is in fact occurring but someone’s shame or hurt may cause them to be blind to it.

Saturday / Advice: Ace of Wands & 2 of Air (Swords) “Schizophrenia”

Now is the time to release your emotional attachments and begin logical, practical planning and research for a project/business or task close to your heart is about to get underway and it requires that you be ready and clear minded to ensure success.  “Proper preparation” and shit, no?  Figuring your way around a roadblock requires logic creativity & fearless action taking.

Sunday / Outcome: Knight of Swords & XII (Hanged Man) “New Vision”

Today is not the time for in depth communication, decision making or even action taking.  This is a day to rest the mind as stillness and the creation of peace within will allow you both the time and clarity necessary to bring your perspective more in line with your purpose so that you can take action when the time does arrive.  Plus, it’s April, fools.  You’d be wise not to invest in anything you hear today.

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