Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/9 – 4/15/18

Decks used: Hanson-Roberts (full-sized & miniature)

Weekly Spread

Monday/ Past: King of Pentacles & Queen of Rods (rx)
Tuesday/ Present: Eight of Pentacles & Queen of Cups
Wednesday/ Unknown: Knight of Swords & 9 of Rods (rx)
Thursday/ Hopes & Fears: The Lovers  & Queen of Pentacles (rx)
Friday/ Environment: The Tower (rx) & 3 of Cups (rx)
Saturday/ Advice: Queen of Pentacles (rx) & Ace of Cups (rx)
Sunday/ Outcome: Justice (rx) & King of Pentacles

Bottom of the Deck (Overall theme):
10 of Swords (rx) & 8 of Swords (rx)
“Transcending stagnancy, manipulation & betrayal & codependency by means of mindfulness and effective communication”

Weekly Breakdown

As the week starts out there is a focus on where we may best take leadership roles in our lives, where we are called to step up and take more responsibility for our selves and be accountable to our actions and attitudes.  Control may be an issue here, possibly a power struggle or case of mismatched priorities.  On one hand, a stable, practical energy is present or needed, but underlying that is a drama seeking, selfish, or manipulative energy is at play, possibly belying the stable exterior.  This could be in the form of malicious gossip, tantrums, or financial instability/conflicts.  If this is the same person, you may be dealing with a narcissistic energy who has become a master of maintaining their illusion.  Your best bet is to disengage or do not respond to provocation.
Someone may also have lost the confidence necessary to regain control of a situation, but it appears to be turning around as they become more grounded in the present moment.  Still, others may be forced to face their own inadequacies head-on as they recognize they’re contributing to challenging circumstances and dynamics socially.

As the week progresses, Tuesday and Wednesday someone is definitely grounding themselves and putting in the work to maintain a balance between inner peace and direct and assertive engagement in the world, possibly where they are not totally certain of the motives and perspectives of those around them.  Clear and respectful communication, mindfulness and discernment are all ways we can practice both self care and healthy connection if that is what we seek.

You may have waitied for someone or something and given up only for it to arrive unexpectedly.  Be careful of speaking harshly to others due to exaggerated suspicions due to past issues.  It will create a repeating and increasingly tense cycle.  Thursday brings a selfish or unreliable energy being tempered by a balanced reaction.  Someone is manifesting a union! (Either between themselves and another or integrating the divine masculine & feminine within)  It could also be that a greedy or self-serving person is affecting a strongly bonded connection between two other people.  Defending against this energy requires vulnerability, discernment, and a grounded focus toward facing issues together.

As we go into the weekend, much change is taking place and how it shows up in our lives is determined by how resistant we are to the transitions and transformations we’ve been shown by the Universe we now need to make to progress.  Friday, we may barely avoid a blow up as a connection seems to move toward an unavoidable, but not totally unexpected ending. The emotional connection has been severed and we may have been resisting making the change necessary to tear the foundation down completely, but crumble it will.  Avoiding disaster by disassociating from the situation rather than lingering in the toxic energy.  It is important to accept when you’ve grown apart from someone and exit with grace rather than stay and birth unnecessary conflict due simply to incompatibility.

For some, change we’ve been trying to avoid is now taking place with or without our cooperation.  As resistance is futile, it is less harmful to embrace the change and open your mind and heart to the new potentials arriving.  Someone may need to get a physical and some sort of overindulgence has resulted in compromised health.  This is a time to practice balance rather than an all-or-nothing approach to life. Saturday, be mindful of spitefulness, materialism, ungrounded behaviors like reckless spending and overeating as these things may create blockages to love or other interpersonal relations.

This is a time to review and reflect on our emotional responses, both to others and our own perceptions of reality and re-ground them with our current realities. On Sunday, we may cut someone off in order to stabilize ourselves mentally or financially.  On the other end a person in a position of authority may come make a decision with which we do not agree or come in to back us as judgment falls against us in a given situation.  Either way, maintaining a responsible realistic approach to our own growth and a clear perception of the goings on around us will allow us to prevail.

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