Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/23 – 4/29/2018

Decks used: Cosmic Deck of Initiation, Radiant Rider Waite (finallyūüėŹ lol), & Thoth Tarot

The overall energy (bottom of the deck) reads positively to me. Something like an unexpected truth that you can celebrate or at the very least one that results in some increased camaraderie amongst us all.¬† Information is coming into us that will allow us to relax into the joy of the present moment.¬†#UniversalCompassion showing up along side these cards¬†reminds us of the newly gained skill we must embody to make the best of this week’s energy. Regardless of what we need from others, our primary need is to participate in love and that means to show up authentically and give of yourself.

#3ofSwords (rx) #10ofWands We come into the week finishing up a cycle of healing that left some of us overwhelmed with the potential and responsibility before us as we stop identifying with our pains and take concrete steps toward creating our ideal lives. As our enthusiasm for the task at hand waxes full with he moon #9ofCups, #Death (rx) comes in with a reminder that all that comes must go and all that is must change. Learning be at peace with release is key to manifestation of any intention you set. Be joyful during transition even when it’s something you love as it is only changing form. That includes all thought patterns, reactions, and ways of relating that no longer serve our personal evolution.

The unconscious influence showing up as #TheHangedMan (rx) and #7ofPentacles midweek highlights the feeling of restlessness we all have post Mecury turning direct.¬† We are impatient with the slow incremental forward movement and aching to just get our hands dirty and have it all done. However the lesson here is about patience and consistency with¬†yourself and the application of¬†meticulous effort toward that which reflects your growth and chosen direction. Let your attitude and actions reflect the new perspective you’ve adopted. Let the work you put in speak to it’s own importance. Some of us are still lingering in our disappointment unable to forgive ourselves or each other. #KnightofCups.¬† Allowing ourselves to release the stored emotional trauma we’ve grown accustomed to living with will bring the last cycle to completion allowing us a sense of mental, emotional, and for some even financial renewal.

There is an opportunity for a new beginning here and it is dependent upon outlook and willingness to take risks and actions. #TheAeon (#Judgement ) also indicates that some of us are at the precipice of life changing decisions the kind of which we cannot go back on.  All the more reason patience, clarity, and internal balance and release are highlighted early on.  Recognize your power and accept the responsibility that comes with manifesting your intentions. Mindfulness of your environment and compassion for self will lead you in the right direction.  This is confirmed by #TheDevil showing up reversed implying that the waning desire to act in accordance to our previous selves is propelling us out of fear, toxicity and codependency toward greater union with ourselves and others.  Facing our own shadows with dedication and unconditional acceptance allows us to also face others more authentically and communicate from our heart space. #2ofCups We are now evolving toward a new lesson: vulnerability.

The advice for the week, especially as we move from midweek through the weekend is stillness.¬† Rather than strain against the limitations of our environments, and indeed ourselves, it is necessary to pause and re-evaluate our current cirumstances seeking the deeper understanding that comes with increasing clarity.¬†#8ofSwords This requires that we stop taking actions and making plans, and consider what has occurred so far. What is left to learn from it? How did those situations bring us forward and set us up for the changes now at hand? Where are we still unsure?¬† Slow down #TheWorld (rx)¬†and see deeply what is calling for your attention, allow yourself the rest necessary to clear, calm, and refocus¬†the mind as this is how we make the best decisions moving forward toward continued evolution.¬† You’ll be delighted to find that when you take time to be still, go within, and reconnect to your inner compass #TheHermit (rx) you are in a better¬†position to interact honestly with the world.¬† More expansive options and opportunities¬†increase in number when you’re not moving to fast to recognize them.¬† It’s imperative that your are in touch with your best self when choosing between them. #7ofCups

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