Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/30 -5/6/18


DECKS USED: Night Sun Tarot & Mystic Mondays

Overall Energy (bottom of the deck): 2 of Swords & The Lovers
It’s time for a big decision! Today, we are faced with a head or heart decision, possibly one that will significantly change our lives and those of others. It seems like Venus’ transit into Gemini late last week is the most prevailing energy at play here, as The Lovers, the Major Arcana card representing the sign of the twins, shows up twice in this reading. Some of us are handling the lighthearted yet communicative energy better than others.

We come into the week trying to maintain a cooperative attitude, despite waning enthusiasm or ego battles taking place between ourselves and others. Building a foundation that supports a group takes each individuals effort, but also requires that they each have a stable foundations within. In some connections that may be lacking at this time on one or both sides. #3ofPentacles #QueenofWands (rx)

Some of these situations, social groups or communities simply no longer fulfill us on an emotional level or offer a genuine sense of empathy/connection. As we clarify our own path and realign our focus toward productive actions and forward movement, we may be called to leave these experiences behind in search of true fulfillment elsewhere. Think of anything you need to let go of now and release it with grace as this is a time of space making. #10ofCups (rx) #TheChariot

As the middle of the week progresses, we come out of the mind to re-engage with the world around us. For many, this will require discerning which of our relationships are no longer serving or encouraging our highest good, what behaviors, attitudes and responses we project that cause us to receive undesirable responses or to react in a way that is of the lower self. The Scorpio Full Moon has emphasized the calling to let go of the physical connections where emotional bonds have already been broken and to also release the pain and resentment that comes with having to do so. How can we learn from our triggers how to better select and invest our energy? There is a strong emphasis on separation and solitude for the sake of introspection and growth here. Even when withdrawing your energy, make sure that you do it for the right reasons and not mistreat others due to ego bruises others communicating their pain or unpleasant reactions to you. Direct and complete communication is something not many can partake in or handle, but it is imperative for our growth and a requirement for depth in bonding. #TheHermit (rx) #Justice (rx) #7ofPentacles (rx) #TheLovers (rx)

There is a strong manipulative, jealous, and back biting energy at play at the end of the week. #5ofSwords speaks of lose-lose battles due to vindictive behavior or below the belt communication. Some of us may be or have already read someone for filth and as a result, there is manipulation of resources possibly behind the scenes. Someone is trying to hinder the manifestation of another as a result of some harmful communication, neglect, or their own inner tension. However, it doesn’t look like they’ll be successful, provided we ground ourselves, clarify our intentions and communicate from the version of ourselves we are striving to more effortlessly embody. #TheMagician
Be honest with yourself about the offers or opportunities coming to you at this time and do not fall back on habits, relationships, or other circumstances that hinder your sense of inner peace from flourishing. #6ofSwords (rx) #7ofCups (rx) The result is a new sense of emotional balance, more effective emotional communication, and the wisdom of when, how, and under what circumstances to speak or withhold our personal truths. #KnightofCups #AceofSwords (rx) An interesting week, no doubt this is already shaping up to become.

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