Weekly Tarot Forecast 5/7-5/13/18

Decks Used: Deviant Moon Tarot & Voyager Tarot

Overall Messages (bottom of the deck): #8ofWands (rx) & #5ofWands (rx)  Sometimes restricting the exchange of energy is the only way to resolve a conflict or circumvent petty behavior, meaningless competition, or communication blockages.  Someone may be cut off due to these behaviors or may be called out for not walking it like they talking it.


#The Star & #3ofWands (rx) Lack of confidence in our manifesting ability or miscalculating the consequences of one’s actions creates potential to waste opportunities for growth, healing, or wish fulfillment. Whichever scenario applies to you, optimism, proper planning, and fearless action taking are the tools needed to materialize our desired lifestyles. Pay close attention to who comes into your experience this week and what events occur as there is a chance you are missing out on the external support by being exclusively introspective. There may be an reward or wish fulfillment greater than your expectations or outside what you’re preoccupied by.  WAKE UP!!!!

#4ofPentacles & #TheHermit Someone may be staying to themselves or turning down social invitations in effort to build a nest egg or make a large purchase.  Others of us have withdrawn from some connections and are no longer sharing resources, emotions or time with those around us out of fear of rejection, misunderstanding, or being taken advantage off.  Feeling entitled to specific responses, repressing feelings, and using others as distractions leads to isolation.  Check this out the video below by Teal Swan regarding deflection. If you’re someone who loathes solitude, consider if what you expect from others is what you are giving or are you giving out what you think people should want and expecting your very real desires to be met in exchange?   There is a pronounced need for radical honesty with oneself and deep introspection regarding self-worth, personal values and vulnerability.

#TheLovers & #4ofWands A life changing decision regarding a living situation or what brings someone a sense of long term stability is being made mid-week and it may include the choice to enter a long-term committed partnership or take a relationship to the next level.  Someone may even have chosen between two potential partners before making their selection.  There is a distinct sense of duality with this pairing as the 4 of wands also represents 1111 and The Lovers signifies twin souls and the union of opposites.  There is a complimentary, opposites attracting vibe here.  You may meet your match in someone you least expect to be fitting. Good luck!

#10ofPentacles & #PageofSwords (rx) Dishonesty regarding a business partnership, long term commitment or living situation is highlighted today, possibly ending a cycle.  There’s a secretive, malicious energy within some collaborative effort.  Someone is spreading rumors about the financial state either about their own funds or the shared cost of some resource. It could also be that someone is unaware of being used financially. Maintain a disciplined approach to your finances and do not make any new financial agreements. Take the time to review those you are already committed to and avoid frivolous spending now, as you may suffer a loss from which  you need to recover due to someone elses’ manipulation.

#TheWorld (rx) & #Balance (#Justice )  Fairness to oneself and others is how we progress toward ultimate fulfillment and it is also how we make our individual contribution to the collective evolution.  Be careful not to grow lazy when you reach one goal, as there is always the responsibility of maintaining it and the potential for further growth.  Some of us are fearing success and this mindset is creating delays to manifesting our own contentment. Keep heart and keep going!  The finish line is just beyond your comfort zone. There maybe some ongoing legal issue that is decided in someone’s favor though maybe not to your expectations.

#3ofPentacles &  #8ofWands Messages regarding collaborative or creative efforts will be rapidly exchanged this week, possibly electronically or by phone.  There is a need for proper planning and cooperation in addition to effective communication and an emphasis on following through on ones intentions.  You may receive an opportunity to work closely with someone you look up to or are passionate about.  Keep your eyes peeled for ways to stabilize yourself and your relationships as these efforts are likely to produce instant results at this time.

#HighPriestess & #4ofSwords (rx) Emerging from a period of relaxed introspection with new awareness and deeper connection to your own intuition.  Someone may be coming out with some long held information. There is a need to remain self contained, but aware and connected to all that is outside oneself.  This is a time to be deliberate about what you share or keep from others in order to maintain your own sense of mental stability but there is also a major lesson here about the duality of the individual.  We connect as separate beings even while our awareness of a deeper oneness affects every exchange.



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    I dig this!

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  2. Intense…I’ll be re-reading this a few times…x

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