Weekly Tarot Forecast 5/28 – 6/3/2018

Decks Used: The Fifth Tarot (This deck has 5 Suits, the 5th being Lotus (Element=Ether) ) & The Quantum Tarot20180528-May28Wkly.jpg

NOTE: This month I’ve decided to interpret the spread slightly differently.  Originally, this layout (7 cards) is called  “Bow Spread” in the New Complete Tarot  . Due to it being 7 cards, I modified it by reading it along the books guidelines and interpreting each card as the energy for a weekday.  I’ve decided to switch it up a bit so  I can shorten my IG posts (lol) and bring more traffic to the blog.  From now on, the top row will be read according to the book as general energies  for the week, and the bottom will be read as 1 card = 1day.


#7ofWands (Fire), #9ofLotus , #6ofPentacles (Shells), #5ofPentacles , #TheMagician , #AceofPentacles ,& #Shaman (#TheHierophant )

We are called to defend our right to reciprocity, renew our belief in the power of mind to create our respective reality and to apply our energy toward it.  Throughout this process, it is imperative that we are conscious of our own energy imprint as that is the energy that will return to us, especially in light of the Sagittarius Full Moon. The result promised is a stable new beginning which brings us a sense of lasting value and growth.  However, this new beginning is not without it’s challenges as we are still struggling with our own self value and it affects the quality of our manifestations.  Our experiences this week are directly tied to how we incorporate the wisdom of our shadow with our higher understanding so that we may present ourselves authentically, feel more whole, and manifest lifestyles that represent what integrity means to us.

MONDAY #TheStar (rx)  Someone may be responding to their environment defensively out of a sense of hopeless frustration.  It’s almost as if there’s a deep seated, yet unconfirmed sense that our wishes are unrealistic or not in alignment with how we define ourselves and our experience of reality.   The key here is to focus on your attention on what is positive.  That will improve your attitude and by extension your success rate in all you choose to do.  Attitude is the largest determining factor of success in any endeavor or outcome we envision.  We simply don’t put much effort into what we don’t believe to be possible.  The caveat is that “If we believe it, we most certainly can achieve it.”  On the flip side, it may be that we are in fact strong in faith, but facing a test that requires an alternate outlook.  It is time to seek out people, activities, and insights that renew our hope in the Universe and ourselves in connection to it.

TUESDAY #KingofWands The result of revisiting our participation in the world around is is highlighted as a result of the renewed hope that comes with altering our perspectives.  With this new faith, fearless and passionate action is required of us to bring to fruition our greatest desires and inspirations.  There may be a very charismatic, outgoing, and action oriented person in our midst offering assistance, encouragement or intuitive insight regarding that which we are struggling with most.  This might be the source of our hopelessness or some other obstacle we find ourselves facing on this day specifically. As this is fire energy, it could also represent the effect on all of us of the Sagittarius Full Moon on this day.  Sag is a sign of optimism fearlessness, and wisdom gained through experience (action).

WEDNESDAY #QueenofWands As midweek rolls in, we realize that the gift behind acting from a place of faith and self confidence aside from our intentions manifesting, we quickly draw in our equal counterpart, whether romantic or otherwise, someone today steps in to meet us toe to toe with their enthusiasm, fearlessness, creativity and decisive action taking nature that further inspires our own.  Today though, we’re called to be more receptive to this energy from others while maintaining awareness of it in ourselves as the Queen is always a receptive energy and as such this card implies that this energy will be expressed toward us as a mirroring of our own output.

THURSDAY #TheWorld (rx) With all this fire energy pouring in from all sides, it’s no wonder today we feel the need to slow down, and maybe even retrace our steps. With all the enthusiasm we’ve managed to muster up within or bring out in others, some of us may be experiencing burnout.  Others of us may take a trip just a little to far too long down memory lane and find it difficult to release emotional attachments, reactions, and  versions of ourselves that have long sense passed away.

FRIDAY #2ofCups some of the pressure we’ve built up with our enthusiasm has waned but our passion and emotional connection to the pursuit of our purpose has not and as we share in communion with likeminded or complimentary folk, we come back into balance with our connection to that which propels us forward.  Some of us are literally partnering up here with 2 Courts of the same suit followed by this card representing the sharing of emotions and soulmate relationships beginning.

SATURDAY #KingofPentacles (rx) Stubbornness in pursuit of a greater sense of safety and security has some of us behaving rather badly.  We may have gone above and beyond when trying to renew our faith and fell on the other end of the spectrum, focusing on the how rather than the goal and refusing to adjust.  Others of us are dealing with a controlling, greedy and very superficially centered individual.  On the other end of this spectrum, someone could be behaving rather recklessly with their or others finances or material goods. It maybe that someone is acting out due insecurity regarding their ability to secure the bag on the contrary, they’ve gone above and beyond to do just that and feel others should value them based on that and are not getting the desire response.  Authentic confidence not built on what one can procure is something to focus on here. People secure in themselves do not control others, misrepresent themselves or others, nor do they hoard material things because they are acutely aware of their building capabilities.  This man reversed is an extreme indicator that someone’s self worth is attached to the wrong thing.

SUNDAY #Phoenix (rx) This card is a representation of the fool after he has journeyed to the end of the universe and been reborn only to begin the journey anew.  In the reverse, it implies someone is not embodying the evolutionary lessons they’ve learned via their observation and experience in their current life time and it is holding up their forward movement toward the life and purpose they agreed to incarnate to encounter. Since I recently had to remind myself of this fact, I’ll leave you all with this…
“Proper Application of Practical Lessons Precedes Progress.”

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