Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/4 – 6/10/18

Decks Used: Rider Waite Tarot & After Tarot

Overall Message for the Collective:
#2ofPentacles #WheelofFortune #PageofPentacles (rx) #4ofSwords #7ofSwords #Death (rx) #TheHighPriestess

We are learning to ground ourselves and make new decisions with significant long term effects on the future. Moving forward requires we balance the many aspects of our lives with each other and that we also come into internal balance energetically so that we may invite in our desired experiences.  Some of us are having trouble making these decisions or following through on them or at the very least some are being inconsistent in their efforts to self-heal.  Others of us are taking time out to rest and clarify our needs, desires, and the consequences of seeking them out.  The clarity we receive at this time will deeply impact us emotionally, and we are called to utilize our intuition and logical decision making skills to choose what in our lives is no longer serving change for the better and how best to release it while maintaining  integrity and momentum.  Manifestation of joy and abundance results from how practically and consistently we integrate and act on the lessons we’ve learned through the energetic cycle that is coming to an end.



Monday #6ofCups (rx) It is time to release emotional attachments to things & people that are not longer in our lives, reactions to the world that made us feel safe as children,  and feelings about ourselves that do not serve our sense of self worth and personal fulfillment.  Some of us are have literally gotten ourselves lost on a trip down memory lane and need to refocus on the present moment in order to restore balance to our lives.  Others of us may have come to some new emotional understanding that allows us to look at the past more objectively that we may have when our rose colored glasses were trending. Process the past and leave it where it is, behind you. Allow yourself the comfort of release and accept that your past selves were not perfect and the self you aspire to become won’t be either.

Tuesday #8ofWands Straightforward communication, clear intention setting, & passionate follow through make for quick forward movement.  Some of us may actually be relocation or considering it, maybe doing research and contacting those in the know for additional information comes with more feedback than we bargained for!  Either way, this is a high energy fast paced card that implies quick ongoing communication, usually of the electronic sort (because it’s fast duuuhhh).  It also implies a need to act on what you put your lips on. (We all sometimes need the reminder to do as we say.)

Wednesday #TheStar (rx) Some of us may be delaying manifestation of our abundance with hopelessness, reckless spending, inconsistency and an overall feeling of lost hope. This card showed up in last week’s reading reversed as well and so seems to be a permeating energy throughout the month.  MASTER YOUR MINDSET, folks!  The life you create and the person you become (not just what you own, but who you become within) is an embodiment of the faith you have in yourself and your perception of the world around you. Look for the joy, the possibility, the growth in the hard shit, and the space made in separations and see where in you a spark of that may be found.  Without any doubt, it is there.

Thursday #KnightofSwords We seem to be gearing up for something here,  gaining momentum or hoarding thoughts, feelings, and information we want to expose but feel it best to meditate upon first.  Nevertheless this is a day of blunt, logical communication.  The focus is on more subjective truth and personal principles than Universal Truth(natural laws) and a need to express ourselves authentically regardless of the expected responses or impact on our environment.  This is not an emotional expression, but one where we separate our emotions from the issue sand focus on our personal values and how the facts align or do not with them.  If you’re the type of person offended by criticism or if you are (consciously unconsciously) compelled to behave according to the responses and opinions of others, this would be a day to probably work alone as those around you will not be mincing words.

Friday #3ofWands (rx) Somebody is trying to negate the effort your put into your creative goals and business pursuits, there is a distinct feeling that someone is standing in the way of your ships coming in and so not only are they not getting through, but you can’t even see that there are just behind the blockage! Some of you may not see it, but have a keen sense of being thwarted or caught unawares by someone’s ulterior motives. Never fear, this card reversed is usually one implying that regardless of any hiccups, things will likely go not only well, but better than expected. Continue putting passionate and consistent effort toward your goals and refuse to be distracted.  The other side of this card could indicate that the thrill in some situation has worn off and the underlying truth is less than satisfactory.

Saturday #10ofSwords Today is a day for healing and completion.  Allow a cycle to come to a close without over-thinking or repeatedly deliberating over the details.  Whats done is done and holding onto the pain, the what ifs, and the desire to relive the situation differently is hindering you from a looming new beginning.  It is time to separate from all that does not serve your highest good, be it attitudes, relationships, addictions, and situations in the past that still trigger negativity or longing within.

Sunday #5ofWands (rx) When we return our focus to the present moment, we receive the gift of peace within and without.  Change is afoot, no doubt, but it need not bring with it conflict competition or strife if we understand that those around us who care genuinely have the same goals at heart regardless of the means by which they seek to come to their chosen ends. This is a time to try for cooperation camaraderie or comfortable solitude as any conflict arising now is not likely to be productive or beneficial to growth or forward movement for any party involved.  Be love!

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