Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/11-6/17/2018


Decks Used: Mary-El Tarot & Osho Zen Tarot

Overall Messages/Themes:
We’re coming out of commitments and agreements that do not serve our emotional well being. Having gone the traditional route: attempting to meet what is expected of us from our communities, relationships, and conditioning, and being left dissatisfied or worse feeling rejected or undervalued outright.  Now comes the challenge of acceptance.  Remain mindful of the dynamics in your relationships and be receptive to the fact that not all the people you love can fulfill your needs, understand or reciprocate your energy and intention. #TheHeirophant  #AceofCups (rx)   Fearlessly, but respectfully communicate that, and on the other end, creating physical or emotional distance in a situation that due to lack of compromise or cooperation is draining your energy or causing your motivation to wane. There is a deep seated sense of unfairness within a union that is causing someone to give up hope of reconciliation or blame themselves for mistreatment they’ve suffered.  #Justice (rx) We are hoping for the foresight, discipline, and willpower to integrate our shadow selves for the facilitation of forward movement, but may be feeling impatient. #TheChariot (rx)  Some of us simply haven’t put in the required effort or the correct type of energy to get the expected reward, desired response, or signs of growth that we seek.  #7ofPentacles Our advice is to allow ourselves to come out of cycles of negative thinking and sabotaging self talk.  Limiting beliefs and clinging to the way you are accustomed to seeing things is hindering your ability to see the opportunities for growth and abundance that are already making way into your experience. #8ofSwords (rx)  The result is a final decision that cannot be undone.  On the flipside, this could represent opening your eyes to some unfinished business that is significantly impacting your life. #Judgment (rx)

MONDAY: “Intensity” Knight of Wands (rx) We may have been behaving unreliably in the eyes of those around us, either due to mismanagement of our energy (putting it into the wrong things or downright laziness). Contrarily, fear of fully embodying our power is causing us to vacillate when it comes to acting in the interest of our inspired purpose.  It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions! Is it realistic? Is it grounded in reality but geared toward possibility or are we selling dreams based on our own naïveté?  Some of you may be upset by someone’s lack of interest in anything other than sex.  Using discernment BEFORE making such a choice can save you the ego bruise. Accepting people as they are minimizes the chance for unmet expectations.

TUESDAY:  “Compromise” 6 of Pentacles (rx) Lack of reciprocity in a situation is causing the involved parties to reconsider how much they are valued or value the authentic expression of those with whom they are trying to build a stable foundation.   Either each person is not giving the same thing, not giving equally or there may be conflicting value systems.  In other words, 2 people may be intending to give equally, but not what the respective parties require to feel their needs are being considered and acted upon and their authentic selves are being valued.  It’s time to withdraw if you repeatedly find yourself feeling taken advantage of or unappreciated for the effort put into projects, relationships, or desired outcomes than the other participants.

WEDNESDAY: Exhaustion” 9 of Wands (rx)  We’re giving up on some action we’ve taken repeatedly with no rest or reward.  Some of us may be giving up attempting to repair a relationship that was damaged by untrustworthiness, pettiness, or hearsay.  Some of us are simply taking longer than is truly necessary to move along a burdensome path for fear we cannot take the weight of the additional burden moving forward alone may bring us.

THURSDAY: “Rebirth” 10 of Swords  The end has come and with it we are allowed to release anything before this point that is related to betrayal, lingering in dishonesty, confusion, or miscommunication.  Allow yourself to step of guilt or victimhood and face the truth of your reality for good and bad so that you can begin anew.  The 10 s are always a pause before the culmination in the 9 cards and the potential for newness inherent in the 1 cards.  Allow your mind the relief it needs to see with clarity.  Allow yourself the emotional peace that comes from releasing thoughts, messages or ways of interacting that pull you backward rather than propelling you toward evolution

FRIDAY “Letting Go” 8 of Cups We are walking away from emotional investments that do not provide equal return in search of more empathy, more depth, more healing and sensitivity. There seems to be a focus this week in general on the art of balancing giving and receiving.   Sometimes we have to change our environment to ensure we are flourishing in a way that is authentic to us.  Today, may be the day you make the decision or take the first step.  Regardless, make sure you understand what you’re leaving behind and clarify that which you seek to replace it. You just may find it within.

SATURDAY: “Patience” 7 of Pentacles (rx)  Funny this card shows up twice this week, once reversed and once upright.  There is a need take stock of the payoff of your efforts and possible make changes to the path you’re taking toward your destination.  It could be that you are disinvesting your funds or energy, or rather expecting a return where one will not likely be found.  As this card is technically in the advice position it is a warning to conserve your energy, remain consistent in your output and be patient.  But also, be discerning of what you put your energy or financial resources into.  Are you putting your effort and energy into projects and ventures that feel good but doesn’t contribute to your material growth? Are you investing emotional energy and getting detachment in return? These are things to consider today.

SUNDAY: “Consciousness” #AceofSwords (rx) Today we need to take a break from communication that may be unclear or intentionally dishonest on our part or that of another.  It is possible there is missing information in a situation that is leading to discord or conflict, but resolution is possible if all parties take time out to clarify their goals and align their expression of them with the current reality.  Spend time in quietude.  On the other hand, someone may be delaying necessary communication that might create the opportunity for a new beginning for them or someone else.  Regardless of how we perceive our flaws, acting from a place of authentic self expression and speaking from that place as well facilitates growth healing and connection.  Because it looks like somebody is getting cut off for their, secrecy, lies, or manipulation.

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