Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/18 – 6/24/2018


Decks Used: The Cosmic Tarot & Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Overall Messages:
#5ofPentacles #TheHighPriestess #WheelofFortune (rx) #QueenofWands (rx) #TheTower (rx) #10ofCups (rx) #2ofCups (rx)
Many of us are meeting the summer with much enthusiasm, coming out of isolation to offer our gifts, energy and affections to those by whom we feel valued and understood at a deep level.  Releasing the internal conflict that often arises as a result of conflict, competition or petty behavior with others allows us to focus on the changes we wish to bring about in our lives. (three 5 cards back to back). Now we are getting into touch with our intuition and utilizing our logic and cunning to bring about necessary changes within ourselves.  Aligning our energetic output and emotional body with the manifestation we desire propels us out of stagnancy and deeper into our individual power and experience as a part of Source.  Balancing the emotional and mental faculties & integrating the pursuit of spiritual evolution and inner peace with that of material achievement and comfort.  This is how we ground ourselves when faulty foundations are falling apart around us. There is a definite end to an emotional bond indicated here. Recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance are the necessary prerequisites for deeper and more loving connections with ourselves and to others. Make sure to embody and act upon the lessons learned in this situation in the future!

MONDAY: 5 of Wands (rx) Rising above conflict sometimes require we take a loss or accept a change we didn’t anticipate such as disconnecting where pettiness. competition or minor conflict has outgrown the usefulness of a collaborative effort.  Accept that while you may share goals with some people, not all of them value the same processes or can go with you on your journey.

TUESDAY: 5 of Swords (rx)  Obviously bitterness has arisen as a result of the previous conflict, pettiness or competition.  It could be due to the selfishness or vindictive actions or communications someone has taken.  Both 5 cards represent egoic conflicts due to all parties resistance to change.  Allow the changes to take place within you and those with whom you want remain connected.  Cease trying to force your subjective responses and ideals onto others.  Accept that things may not ever be the way they used to or the way you expect them. Your effort to remain in control is only creating more back biting, upheaval, and dissatisfaction.

WEDNESDAY: The Hermit  Today is a day where willingness to go within and be honest with ones self about what we know is there will lead us to a truth we can work with. Spend enough time alone (in silence not browsing social media or participating any other activity focused on others) to see yourself accurately for better and worse and accept that the things you may prefer to ignore can still be seen by the outside world.  It’s time you acknowledge, accept, and allow this new awareness to grow you and assist you with the process of growth and evolution.

THURSDAY: Temperance Balance is the name of the game today. We are faced with a need to temper our responses to the external world with our sense of self control and self awareness within.  Integrate your efforts for spiritual growth with your efforts in the more material and mundane areas of your life and you will see just how much satisfaction is to be obtained simply due to resonance.  Balanced energetic output results in experiences that facilitate more balance naturally. Careful not to overreact to those intentionally trying to upset you.

FRIDAY: 2 of Swords  Today, we are faced with a decision that may require us to sacrifice emotional security or rely on our intuition rather than our logic.  A stalemate situation has occurred and some of us may be tempted to rest in the state of ambivalence this card implies.   Don’t waste time deliberating when you know a situation is a catch 22, prioritize the choice that least upsets your sense of balanced.  On the flip side someone may be choosing whether or not to communicate.  The truth backs itself up so don’t be afraid to speak yours.

SATURDAY: Ace of Swords  The choice from yesterday to speak or not to speak comes up for review today as the truth is either communicated or discovered one way or the other, and with it some severance or separation may occur.   Another possibility with this card is that some fogginess, miscommunication or outright deceit is uncovered and clarified and with this newfound clarity, a potential for a new beginning also arrives.

SUNDAY: 2 of Pentacles This week, personal will and practical decision making are emphasized.  The week ends with yet another decision, this time of a practical nature.  Where do we invest our emotional energy, finances, and physical effort in order to build upon a stable and long lasting foundation with potential for greater growth?  Is it creative project, relationships, education,  or finances?  Either way, today is a day to be patient and consider that which provides the necessary fuel for forward movement.


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