Weekly Tarot: June 25 – July 1, 2018

DECKS USED: “Book of Thoth” & The Jungian Tarot

Overall Message: #4ofSwords #5ofPentacles #2ofCups #TheSun #4ofCups #3ofPentacles #6ofPentacles [ #TheHermit #AceofCups ] We are re-emerging from a period of introspective solitude or extended meditation to find ourselves faced with the emotions, connections, and inherited behaviors of the past.  Growing in self love requires we go within and take our integrity with us, honestly facing that which is difficult and looking for the well of opportunity there from which we can evolve.  Some of us may be doing inner child or shadow work in order to heal a poverty mindset or low self-esteem. What results is a stronger and much improved sense of self worth and personal value.  We may be feeling weighed down and isolated if we are undergoing this process without external support & understanding, especially with the Full Moon in Capricorn(click to read more from HoodMystic)energy affecting us throughout the entire week.  However, the underlying energy is that of emotional vulnerability.  We must integrate this energy with responsible action in the material realm.  With Mecury in Cancer opposing this lunation, it’s no wonder the pull toward vulnerability is near irresistible.  We are all wanting to share our emotions, possibly related to the past, or are looking to enter into collaborative healing processes with those around us who are also lingering in the energy of attachment.  Adopting an optimistic attitude toward the lessons we are learning now and using them to guide our actions and decisions (while of course expecting the best of the Universe) is how we manifest the lifestyle and connections that are most closely aligned with our highest potentials. This is co-creation.  Our environment or those with whom we share our daily lives may be disinterested in the emotional experiences being offered or we may be disillusioned with the emotional engagements presenting themselves in the present moment. Either way, we are called to adopt a cooperative stance toward building a stable foundation.  Balanced output of effort and the ability to receive with grace, sincerity, and gratitude will be rewarded.  Offer and expect reciprocity from those with whom you want to grow.

Monday: #8ofSwords “Interference” Our thoughts may be keeping us stuck in state of immobility.  Overthinking due to fear and lack of persistence toward our goals has led us into looping over worst case scenarios. Constantly acting from a fear of failure is not likely going offer us a successful outcome. Release yourself from the perspective of victimhood.  The compromising position in which you now find yourself is of your own making, and therefor it is within your power to release yourself. Meditate to regain control of your thoughts and allow any decisions causing you anxiety or ambivalence to wait. Clarity comes from a place of peace, so direct your focus and effort there.

Tuesday: #6ofCups “Pleasure” The Moon is in Sagittarius today is making a trine to Venus in Leo , and as a result our experience takes a major upswing.  Redirect your focus toward that which brings you a sense of joy and emotional communion.  Lose yourself in the pleasure of the current moment.  Some of us may be experiencing nostalgia or reuniting with friends, lovers, and versions of ourselves who connect us with our roots or enlighten us to the nature of our attachments.

Wednesday: #10ofDisks “Wealth” Making use of the abundance of value within will produce growth, stability and abundance without. What do you value about yourself? What do you value in others? Recognize that you won’t see outside what does not exist internally, and adjust your energetic expression and efforts toward that which fuels your growth emotionally and materially.  As a 10-card, this represents a cycle coming to an end, possibly a cycle of lack.  Place yourself in environments where sharing from a place of sincerity and authenticity is the norm and expectation.

Thursday: #Adjustment (#Justice) Decisions made now must be made from a balanced place within in order to create a faire and balanced outcome for yourself and those with whom you are building.  Intention must be clarified and directly acknowledged.  Authenticity and openness allow you the freedom to follow through on that which matters most to you without interference. Legal dealings will go in your favor provided you consistently speak & act with integrity.

Friday: “Prince” #KnightOfSwords  Direct and dynamic communication aided by intuition and logical analysis of reality allow us forward movement today.  It’s a day to go forth with both passion and clarity in tandem.  This is how we ensure success.  Clarify your desires and make the necessary decisions and plans, then follow through.  For those of us feeling combative with this Mars Retrograde energy in Aquarius, we are called to redirect or low-vibrational emotions and experiences into a creative expression of our experiences without cutting down those with whom we are not energetically aligned.

Saturday: #3ofSwords “Sorrow” Lack of clarity in an emotional situation, possibly one affected by multiple external influences is leading us into murky waters.  Our pain regarding a connection (or the severing of one) is contributing to confusion about how to proceed.  Maintaining control of our thoughts allows us to come into a place of internal balance necessary for deep and authentic healing. Recognize that your outlook regarding a difficult circumstance can either hinder or assist you with transcending it. Attempting to avoid necessary decisions will cause a negative outcome.

Sunday: #2ofWands “Dominion” Today is a day to consider the myriad of paths that can lead you to your goal.  Confident decision making and follow through is indicated on this date as well as travel. Gather your courage and creative energy and concentrate on the possibly drastic changes needing to be made to ensure your continued forward movement. This care also speaks of the specific creative energy generated as a result of destruction.  What can you create from the remnants of your past experiences that is innovative, valuable, and aligned with you?

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